Kim Kardashian Denies “Rivalry” With Kylie Jenner

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Kim Kardashian Rivalry Kylie Jenner Feud

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Rivalry Kylie Jenner Feud

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Kim Kardashian is denying she has a “rivalry” with Kylie Jenner, confirming a number of busts Gossip Cop has done over the last year.

In a new “#FACTS” post on, Kardashian addresses all the false stories that have wrongly alleged she and her younger sister are at war. “Kylie and I laugh so hard at this all the time, because people always want to pit us against each other, thinking we have similar careers,” writes the reality star.

Their professional lives do have a lot in common, and Kardashian insists “there’s no one else I would want to be in the same business with than my sister.” She notes, “[Kylie] teaches me so much, and I teach her so much, and we’re both so close that it’s just funny.”

Kardashian goes on to note, “Sometimes I hear a rumor and I’m like, ‘Wait, is that true?! What’s really going on? I need to call my sister.’ But with this one, that has never been the case. We just are so supportive of each other, and that’s really what it is.”

And that’s what Gossip Cop has accurately reported multiple times, like in January when Hollywoodlife said Kardashian was “jealous” of Jenner and “couldn’t handle” her baby sister’s rising popularity. In December, Life & Style actually did a whole cover story ridiculously claiming Kardashian was going to sue Jenner for “stealing” her look. That same month, HollywoodLies said Kardashian was “coming after” Jenner with a “vengeance.”

In September, the bad blog also alleged Kardashian was worried about Jenner “stealing the spotlight” from her. A few weeks later, the two sisters jokingly poked fun at the claims that Jenner had “dethroned” her big sis. There’s been similarly wrong stories about Jenner and her sister Kendall, which Gossip Cop has also corrected.


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