Kim Kardashian NOT “Risking Health To Lose Weight,” Despite Report

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Kim Kardashian Risking Health Lose Weight

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Risking Health Lose Weight


Kim Kardashian is NOT “risking her health to lose weight,” despite a new report. Gossip Cop can debunk the claim, which comes from one of the tabloids.

Kardashian, of course, gave birth to son Saint almost two months ago. According to this week’s issue of Life & Style, the mother of two “has been working out relentlessly and following a strict diet not recommended for new moms.” The magazine describes Kardashian as “panicked” over the 60 pounds she gained while pregnant, and claims she’s now “putting her health at risk” to shed the weight.

It’s alleged Kardashian is “working out twice a day at home, often for two hours at once. At the same time, she’s cut her caloric intake in half.” The outlet goes on speculate that “overdoing it could result in serious damage,” and quotes a dietician and nutritionist, both of whom have never treated or even met the reality star.

Life & Style, though, seems to be cherry-picking certain details Kardashian has shared with fans and ignoring others. Yes, she’s openly discussed her desire to lose weight and shared her reliance on the Atkin’s diet, the same method she successfully used without any “serious damage” after having North in 2013. But, she’s also spoken over the last week about her lack of motivation to work out, which flies in the face of the tabloid’s claims.

But it’s no surprise the gossip rag rather go the sensational route. After all, this is the same outlet that claimed in a cover story last month Kardashian was “dumped four days after giving birth,” and yet she and West remain happily together. Life & Style didn’t know what it was talking about before, and still doesn’t now. Period.


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