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Kim Kardashian is not "worried" Kanye West will have a "relapse" over his supposed feud with Jay Z, despite a report. Gossip Cop can bust this fake news, as well as explain how it's part of a pattern.

As Gossip Cop has reported, HollywoodLife is trying to capitalize on Jay Z's album release, running story after story on his new 4:44 record. Almost all of these articles have been "exclusives," as the webloid wants readers and Google to think it has insider access. But as we've pointed out, most of these tales are simply made up. They were manufactured to exploit all the interest in the album.

One ongoing narrative from the site has focused on Jay Z seemingly dissing West via song lyrics. Multiple stories have been crafted based on the outlet pretending to have access to Jay Z's side, West's side and even Kardashian's. After first running a story claiming she thought Jay Z's purported song diss was a "low blow," a second article asserted in a headline, "Kim Kardashian 'Worried Sick' Kanye West's Feud With JAY-Z Will Cause Relapse."

According to this piece, Kardashian is "not happy with Jay Z right now" and is "concerned the rapper's new diss track targeted at her hubby Kanye West could affect his mental health and lead to a relapse." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Kim is worried sick that Kanye is getting too worked up over this feud." This alleged snitch continues, "She has worked so hard to get Ye to a more stable mental and emotional place and fears the strain of beefing with Jay will cause him to relapse back to an unhealthy mental state."

Unnaturally switching from "Kanye" to "Ye" isn't the only reason Gossip Cop was suspicious of these quotes. What's telling is how reminiscent they are to at least two previous stories. Back in February, HollywoodLies ran a story titled, "Kim Kardashian Worried Kanye West Is Working Too Hard With New Cosmetics Line." And last week an article was headlined, "Kim Kardashian Fears Kanye West May Have Another Breakdown If He Starts Touring Again."

In all three cases, it was said it took so much effort to get West back to a healthy mental state, and now Kardashian was worried he'd regress. Because of a possible cosmetics line. Because of resuming his tour. Because of beef with Jay Z. In other words, the basic premise of all of these stories are the same, with only the catalyst varying. It's like a plug-and-play article with fill-in-the-blanks. Something happens involving West, and HollywoodLies spins a piece about Kardashian being "worried" and having "fears."

And the problem remains the same each and every time: No one legitimately close to Kardashian is discussing such matters with the webloid. No one has genuinely told the outlet that Kardashian is worried and fearful. These pieces are examples of fan-fiction, not thoroughly reported news. And the pattern, the similarities, make the site's M.O. obvious. HollywoodLies is publishing fake news to profit off of real news. Kardashian, West and Jay Z are merely pawns in a clickbait game.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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