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Is Kim Kardashian refusing to visit her husband Kanye West at his Wyoming ranch? One tabloid seems to have missed some important developments with the famous couple this week. Gossip Cop is happy to correct this new batch of misinformation about the celebrity spouses.

The eternally ill-informed tabloid Star is at it again this week. The outlet claims Kim Kardashian is deeply worried about Kanye West but isn’t planning to fly out to visit the troubled rapper anytime soon. West, according to his wife, has been going through a severe bipolar episode which has resulted in several controversial and very public outbursts, including one at West’s first presidential rally. “It’s clear Kanye’s gone off the rails again,” a suspicious source told the magazine. “Kim’s desperately trying to get him to seek help, but he won’t listen to reason.” As a result, Kardashian is allegedly investigating “next steps,” which supposedly includes a divorce, since “she’s terrified about what he’ll do next.”

Kardashian has also been having trouble getting into direct contact with West, the source divulges, “Kim hasn’t been communicating with him directly, but through his friends at the ranch,” adding, “And she isn’t planning on trying to visit anytime soon, because that might make things worse.” The father of four has “made it clear he doesn’t want her to come, but at the same time he feels abandoned by Kim. He’s trapped in this vicious cycle.”

The outlet contends Kardashian is “at her wits’ end” trying to figure out a way to help her husband and is supposedly considering extreme methods in order to convince the rapper to get medical help. The tipster contends the reality star is “considering threatening divorce and taking the kids away, because that could scare him into seeing a doctor. She doesn’t know what else she can do to save him.”

One problem with print media like Star is that by the time it goes to print, new information has emerged - especially when the magazine so often prints pure fabrications. On Monday, Kim Kardashian flew to Wyoming to meet with Kanye West and the two were photographed having an emotional conversation in the stars’ car. Kardashian returned to California Tuesday morning by herself. If the outlet is wrong about Kardashian visiting her husband in Wyoming, what else could the tabloid have gotten wrong with this story? Since there’s already doubt about some of the so-called “source’s” information, Gossip Cop refuses to believe anything else it had to say.

This tabloid has made a series of questionable claims about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian over the years. Last year, Gossip Cop busted Star for claiming West was forcing Kardashian to quit her reality show and preach religion with him on the road. That was entirely untrue. This is also the same outlet that claimed Kardashian was threatening to divorce West unless he checked into a psych ward. That was similarly false. This is probably the last outlet anyone should trust if they want real celebrity gossip.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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