Kim Kardashian Assistant NOT Fired For Asking For Raise, Despite Claim

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Kim Kardashian Fired Steph Shepherd Raise

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Fired Steph Shepherd Raise

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A tabloid is claiming to know the “real reason” Kim Kardashian fired her assistant: Stephanie Shepherd wanted a raise, and the reality star refused. But Gossip Cop has learned this narrative is not true.

The inaccurate allegation can be found in the pages of Life & Style, where a so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Kim seemed more than happy with Stephanie — until she asked for a raise.” A purported “second source” alleges to the publication, “Kim had been paying Stephanie $65,000 a year. She’d been working for Kim for three years with no raise and knew it was time to ask.”

The gossip magazine argues Shepherd had a “solid case,” because in addition to appearing on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” “she’s also covered babysitting and food runs, as well as functioning as the COO of Kim’s Kardashian West Brands.” With that in mind, claims the outlet, Shepherd “asked for a $20,000 pay increase, but Kim wouldn’t budge.”

Shepherd did have a wide range of responsibilities, as outlined in a Refinery29 profile from earlier this year, in which she spoke about how well the Kardashian family treated her and it was noted that she was promoted to COO. That promotion was not in name only. There was, of course, finances involved. But there were also a lot more challenges in that position.

And that’s why a problem emerged, not because of money. Kardashian and Shepherd parted ways because it became clear in time that the one-time assistant was not the best person suited to be COO. Like any business head would, the star realized that the role needed to be filled by someone else, particularly someone with more experience and knowledge in certain areas.

Logically, this purported “real reason” also doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. It certainly wouldn’t make sense, if Shepherd was exceling in her new job, for Kardashian to ax someone she trusted and approved of simply because she asked for a raise. But that wasn’t the case. Gossip Cop is even told by Kardashian’s camp that these claims are “ridiculous.”

This is now the second time the tabloids have put forth a false backstory regarding Shepherd’s exit. The National Enquirer recently claimed Kardashian fired the “hot staffer” to “save” her marriage to Kanye West. That was bogus, too.

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