Story About Kim Kardashian “Pushing” Kendall Jenner To Become Friends With Kaia Gerber Is Made-Up

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Kim Kardashian Pushing Kendall Jenner Kaia Gerber Friends

By Holly Nicol |

Kim Kardashian Pushing Kendall Jenner Kaia Gerber Friends

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A new story alleging Kim Kardashian is “pushing” Kendall Jenner to befriend Kaia Gerber and “help” her in the modeling industry is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can correct those claims, which were posted by a particularly unreliable outlet. We’re told it’s all “untrue.”

According to the serial fibbers at HollywoodLife, Kardashian wants her younger sister to strike up a friendship with Cindy Crawford’s daughter in an effort to help the 16-year-old brunette succeed in the world of modeling. A so-called “Kardashian insider” is quoted as saying, “Kim has been pushing Kendall to take Kaia Gerber under her wing… She adores Cindy Crawford and so does Kendall, so it’s a no-brainer that they’d want to help out her daughter.”

The website’s supposed “source” further contends, “Modeling is such a cut-throat world, [and] Kendall had a very hard time at first because the other models were not nice to her. She doesn’t want Kaia to have that same experience.” Jenner is “very protective” of Gerber, adds the highly suspect “insider.”

What’s more, the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies nonsensically alleges that for Jenner, “helping Kaia is a smart business move.” The outlet’s seemingly made-up source maintains, “There’s also an ulterior motive. Kim’s convinced that staying close to Kaia will benefit Kendall’s career in the long run too.” And after asserting that Gerber is “going to be a major force in the fashion world,” the website’s questionable tipster says, “Kim feels like it’s smart for Kendall to be associated with her, it’s a win win.”

It appears the blog manufactured this article simply because Jenner and Gerber were photographed together on Wednesday in Beverly Hills. While a number of outlets wrote about their shopping excursion and how they wore matching crop tops, HollywoodLies predictably chose to spin a concocted angle about how their friendship only stems from Kardashian’s desire for Jenner to benefit in the modeling world from her friendship with Gerber. Of course, that’s entirely absurd, especially since Jenner was the highest-paid model in 2017, according to Forbes.

Equally ludicrous is the claim about Kardashian wanting to “help” Gerber in the modeling industry. The 16-year-old stunner, who HollywoodLies wrongly reported was 26, is the daughter of Cindy Crawford, arguably one of the most famous models ever. Gerber most assuredly doesn’t need Jenner or Kardashian’s connections.

Additionally, the assertion that “staying close to Kaia will benefit Kendall’s career in the long run” is also preposterous. Crawford’s friendship with the other supermodels of her day, including Claudia Schiffer and Elle Macpherson, did not “benefit” nor hurt her career. They were simply friends, as are Jenner and Gerber. Regardless of the abundant inaccuracies in HollywoodLife’s latest fake news story, we still looked into its claims, and a rep for Kardashian exclusively tells Gossip Cop the report is “ridiculous” and “untrue.”

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