Kim Kardashian NOT Using “Prosthetic Belly,” Despite Report (PHOTO)

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Kim Kardashian Prosthetic Belly Baby Bump

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Prosthetic Belly Baby Bump


Kim Kardashian IS really pregnant, and she’s NOT using a prosthetic baby bump, no matter how many times the “doctors” at MediaTakeOut claim otherwise.

Ever since Kardashian revealed she’s expecting her second child with Kanye West, the webloid has been claiming the reality star is just pretending to be pregnant. Gossip Cop has corrected MediaTakeOut numerous times, and Kardashian herself even mocked the false rumors on Twitter more than once. But here we are again.

On Tuesday, the site announced, “We TOLD YOU…We Told You That Kim Kardashian Has Been Wearing A PROSTHETIC BELLY… And She’s Not Really PREGNANT Now We Got THE PROOF!!” MTO went on to write, “ told you a few months back, that Kim Kardashian was likely FAKING her pregnancy… word is that she hired a SURROGATE to carry her baby. Now there’s PROOF. Yesterday Kim K slipped up… and wore the WRONG PROSTHETIC BUMP when she went out.”

The supposed “proof,” of course, is nothing concrete, but pictures of Kardashian out and about on Monday compared with a selfie she posted to Instagram. As MTO explains it, “You see, earlier in the day, she posted a pic of herself on Instagram wearing her 6 MONTHS ALONG belly. But later, when she went out… she wore a MUCH SMALLER prosthetic – more like her 4 month along prosthetic. The size difference was VERY OBVIOUS.”

To illustrate this all, under its absurd headline about a “PROSTHETIC BELLY” and that “She’s Not Really PREGNANT,” the webloid pictures Kardashian touching her baby bump (see above). Her pregnancy is real. Her baby belly is real. The photo is real. Only, MTO’s premise is FAKE.

MediaTakeOut also seems to have trouble telling time. Kardashian posted her baby bump selfie late Monday night, at the END of the day, AFTER she “went out” (see below). Second, Kardashian is not four months pregnant, but she’s not six months pregnant either. As she announced last week, the expectant star is in her fifth month, despite MTO wrongly saying she was at five months more than four weeks ago.

More importantly, though, the site fails to realize that the paparazzi shots it posted of Kardashian were taken at a completely different angle and in a completely different pose than the Instagram photo. As all pregnant women know, just how much your belly protrudes depends on how your’re standing. It’s not a matter of it being “tough keeping track of all them prosthetic baby bumps,” as the outlet claims.

It’s just “tough” for MediaTakeOut to keep track of its lies, but how its desire to continually blend fantasy with reality doesn’t change what’s fact. And here are the facts: Kardashian is pregnant. Her baby bump is real. Her belly will look different depending on how a picture was taken, and whether she’s sitting, standing, or turning. And she, not a surrogate, will give birth in December.

Of course, we really shouldn’t be surprised at MediaFakeOut’s antics. This is, after all, the same webloid that claimed Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy was a “fake baby.” Need we say more?

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