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Is Kim Kardashian really telling people she's sick of all the "royal wedding fever"? A report claims the reality star is tired of the coverage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. But on top of the story having no proof to back it up, Gossip Cop can show how Kardashian has actually shown a significant interest in the historic marriage.

"Look At Me! Selfish Kim Kardashian 'Cannot Wait' Until Royal Wedding Fever Ends," reads the headline of this questionable article from RadarOnline. The site quotes a so-called "'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' insider" as saying, "Kim just wants this royal wedding stuff to go away." The supposed source maintains Kardashian is upset that "all of the attention has been focused on the royals and no one is covering anything that she is doing right now."

Of course, such a contention is easily disproven. A simple Google search for Kardashian shows there's been hundreds of thousands of articles written about her since the nuptials took place last Saturday. (The screengrab below shows 235,000 results just for a 24-hour search period on May 24.) On Thursday, for instance, dozens of outlets wrote about Kardashian's anniversary tribute to Kanye West, and many followed up later in the day with new stories about the "KUWTK" star going back to blonde hair to honor her husband's preference.

Irrespective of how much coverage Markle and Prince Harry have received, the media spotlight on Kardashian hasn't dimmed. Still, the blog's alleged tipster goes on to claim, "Kim considers herself to be much more relevant that the royals and does not understand what people's infatuation with them is." That allegation also doesn't hold up. After the wedding last weekend, Kardashian shared on Twitter video of Prince Harry and Markle at the ceremony with a series of heart-eye emojis.

Then, more than 12 hours later, Kardashian shared another Twitter post about the wedding, a moving message about how "proud" the late Princess Diana would have been of her son. There, she included two hearts, as well as a broken-heart emoji. (See screengrabs below.) It's quite obvious then that the reality star had "royal wedding fever" just as much as the next person, which is why it makes no sense to allege she did not "understand" the interest and "cannot wait for the hype to end."

What's also odd is that after insisting Kardashian didn't care about the royal milestone, the online publication alleges that "the real reason" for her "animosity is over the fact that she wasn't invited to the wedding." Maintains the website's purported tipster, "Kim was extremely bothered by the fact that neither her nor Kanye [West] got an invite. It just didn't make any sense to her." Actually, as noted above, what doesn't make sense is this narrative.

If Kardashian was so annoyed by all the hoopla, why is the blog also claiming she "wishes she was invited to the ceremony"? That's illogical, and it's really rather laughable to assert she expected to be invited to the big day along with West. Gossip Cop already busted the site's sister outlets, Star and OK!, for falsely claiming months ago that Kardashian was angling for a wedding invite. Beyond a rep confirming such stories were untrue, we pointed out that West spent time with Prince Harry in 2007. The notion that Kardashian was expecting they'd make the guest list based on that decade-old connection was absurd.

That ridiculousness is only matched by this new report. To recap, RadarOnline is claiming Kardashian thinks "no one" is covering her because of the "attention" on the royal family, yet an online search shows a tremendously large volume of recent stories about her. The publication also alleges she doesn't care about Prince Harry and Markle's wedding, but Kardashian tweeted about it twice. And lastly, the blog insists that despite a supposed lack of interest, she thought she and West should've been invited to the nuptials. Notably, Kardashian herself has never publicly expressed that, nor is there any proof whatsoever to back up this article.

On the contrary, as detailed here, there's plenty of evidence to refute the claims, indicating this report is untrue. It should also be noted that beyond having a track record of spreading misinformation about Kardashian, the website was also responsible for some wrong rumors about Markle and the royal wedding. The outlet has demonstrated that it just isn't credible on these subjects.




Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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