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Kim Kardashian does not have a plan to "one-up" Beyonce, nor does she spend her time comparing herself to the singer, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this made-up story that alleges Kardashian is willing to get pregnant again, even if it's "dangerous to her health," to top Beyonce. We're told it's "insane" and beyond "false."

Life & Style, which has published an astonishing number of verifiably wrong stories about Kardashian, now claims the reality star is "so jealous" of Beyonce that she's "devised a plan to one-up" the singer, who she believes is "stealing the spotlight away from her." And what is that? A so-called "insider" tells the tabloid that Kardashian is going to have a "third baby... even though doctors told her it could be life-threatening."

The magazine further contends Kardashian is in "panic mode" because she wants to "out-do Beyonce with her own pregnancy," but she may have trouble conceiving again. The outlet then references a "recent episode" of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," during which the publication notes Kardashian revealed she needs "surgery in order to repair her uterus" before she could get pregnant again. And even though the reality star acknowledged on the series that it would be a "really high-risk pregnancy," Kardashian can't bear to see Beyonce flaunting her pregnancy on social media and stealing her "maternity style crown."

Let's get this straight: Kardashian is only considering bringing another child into this world because she's "jealous" of Beyonce? And Kardashian's "plan to one-up" the singer and steal the supposed "spotlight" back is to have another baby? And even though another Kardashian pregnancy would be "high risk" and "dangerous to her health," it's all worth it so that she can prance around in some metaphorical "maternity style crown"?

Allow Gossip Cop to explain what's seemingly going on. Kardashian publicly discussed the issues involved with her getting pregnant again, and tabloids love nothing more than manufacturing feuds, particularly between two high-profile women. And while wrong on so many levels, it appears that after watching "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" the magazine fabricated this latest story.

Of course, none of it really makes sense especially since Kardashian has already been pregnant twice. But fake news rarely follows logic, and almost never is grounded in reality. If Kardashian decides one day to have a third child, it will have absolutely nothing to do with Beyonce. It will 100 percent be a decision between her and Kanye West.

As Gossip Cop noted above, Life & Style's track record with Kardashian is pretty bad. Remember, it's the same publication that reported in 2014 that Kardashian was quitting the reality show. How did that work out? It also ran a cover story in 2015 that announced Kardashian was dumped by West while pregnant with Saint. And how did that work out?

Certainly time has once again proven Gossip Cop was 100 accurate then, and it continues to be with the scores of other articles from that magazine which we have corrected. Notwithstanding the outlet's prior failings, we still fact-checked this current claim about Kardashian wanting to "one-up" Beyonce by getting pregnant for a third time, and a mutual friend of ours and the reality star's calls it "insane." Additionally, Kardashian's rep also says the tabloid's latest piece is completely "false."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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