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Kim Kardashian may be giving Kylie Jenner pregnancy advice, but no one is really leaking that information to a webloid that often doubles as a fabrication factory. A new report asserts Kardashian is "urging" her expectant little sister to "embrace her sexy curves," but Gossip Cop is told this "exclusive" isn't authentic. We can also reveal what inspired the manufactured article.

The report begins, "Kylie Jenner's reportedly never felt more uncomfortable in her own skin than she does while pregnant. But we learned exclusively Kim Kardashian's trying to help!" If the site knows Kardashian is helping in this area, why doesn't it know for sure that Jenner's struggling instead of just "reportedly" uncomfortable? The outlet is simultaneously claiming to have insight on this subject while unable to confirm the main premise. This is also obvious when the blog contends that Jenner has "reportedly been feeling SO low, that recently she hasn't even wanted to leave the house."

Shouldn't HollywoodLies, as it's known, be able to confirm that for itself if it really has inside access on the Kardashian-Jenners? One would think. But what's really going is that the online publication decided to concoct this phony tale after People did a few stories this month about Jenner feeling self-conscious about her changing pregnancy body. The webloid is now trying to get in on the narrative by pretending to have its own scoop.

And even though Kardashian's camp has repeatedly made it clear they don't share personal details with the site, HollywoodLies nonetheless quotes a so-called "source close to Kim" as saying, "Kim loves her sister and has been giving her advice on how to embrace her sexy new pregnancy curves. Kim has been sharing fashion tips and what types of things not to wear, and which things in her wardrobe that may no longer be flattering as she goes along in her pregnancy."

What's more is the outlet maintains, "Kim is also worried about Kylie though, as she fears she'll become a 'hermit,' and end up in hiding like Rob Kardashian," and further quotes its supposed snitch as saying, "The last thing Kim wants is for Kylie to feel trapped in her own home and hide from the world like Rob sometimes does." Gossip Cop actually already busted that contention, and nothing about those purported sentiments are even original. On a recent episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Khloe actually joked Kylie was the "new Rob" because she's now leading a more private lifestyle.

Just like People inspired HollywoodLies to claim it "learned" Kardashian is helping Jenner with her body insecurities, it seems that comment on "KUWTK" inspired the assertions about Kardashian comparing Jenner to Rob. In other words, the basics of the two major facets for this supposedly "exclusive" article actually came from other places. Frankly, that's not surprising.

Since the blog quite obviously doesn't have real "sources" of its own, it is looking elsewhere for ideas on stories to concoct and is clearly unable to come up with anything that's both original and verifiable. Gossip Cop can confirm that Kardashian is supportive of Jenner during this special time, but we're told no one actually shared that with this webloid. This article is simply made up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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