Was Kim Kardashian "bashed" for her using her phone at Serena Williams' wedding? A report claims the reality star was caught breaking a no-phones rule during the tennis player's nuptials. Gossip Cop looked into the story.

Williams married Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in front of a number of big celebrities in New Orleans on Thursday. Now on Friday, RadarOnline is claiming Kardashian "was there to break the rules." It's specifically alleged she had to be "reprimanded at least twice after she broke the no-phones rule during the ceremony," and Williams "even hired a babysitter to follow Kardashian around the venue to make sure she didn't sneak in a selfie."

"Everyone was worried that Kim would take pictures and ruin the exclusive with Vogue," a so-called "source" claims to the site, which asserts, "Their goal was to keep all the photos away from the press so that the fashion publication could cover the ceremony exclusively." But there's a number of holes in these contentions. First off, if Kardashian did take a selfie, how would that affect the magazine's coverage of the wedding? Vogue ostensibly will be focusing on Williams and Ohanian, so what could she have spoiled?

There's also a blatant contradiction. It's first alleged Kardashian "broke the no-phones rule" but then said there was a "babysitter" to make sure she didn't use her phone. Well, which is it? And if Kardashian was caught taking pictures, why are there no specifics? Where exactly were the photos taken? Was Kardashian herself the only one featured? What was Williams' reaction? How did Kardashian feel about being "reprimanded"?

It was also previously reported that to keep Williams' wedding primarily a "no-phone zone," she enlisted Yondr, which makes phone pouches that only allow access to the devices in permitted areas, with the phone otherwise locked up. So, if Kardashian was actually using her phone, it stands to reason that she was an area where that was allowed.

In sum, RadarOnline has no proof to back up its wishy-washy assertions that Kardashian was doing something wrong and, to the contrary, there's actually evidence that indicates some phone use was allowed in certain places. In addition, a rep for the star tells Gossip Cop the story is "absolutely false."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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