Kim Kardashian “Paris Attack Caught On Camera” Is Clickbait

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Kim Kardashian Paris Attack Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Paris Attack Video

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Kim Kardashian’s Paris attack was NOT “caught on camera,” despite a misleading report. Gossip Cop can expose the shameful clickbait.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris early Monday morning. Now Star is purporting to have video of the violent encounter. On the tabloid’s website, there’s a photo of Kardashian and an apartment right on the homepage, with the teaser saying, “Kim Kardashian’s Paris Attack Caught On Camera.”

Upon clicking on the story, the headline says the same thing, and the magazine further implores readers to “watch the reality star freak out during the incident.” That certainly makes it sound like Star has footage of the brutal encounter. But that’s a lie.

What the outlet actually posted is paparazzi footage of Kardashian’s 2014 run-in with notorious prankster Vitalii Sediuk at Paris Fashion Week. Star doesn’t admit what their video actually is until the end of its story. So readers are tricked into clicking on the article, expecting to see Kardashian’s robbery, but instead, there’s a bait-and-switch with a video that’s from two years ago, one that shows a well-documented incident that was covered at length at the time.

There isn’t actually any surveillance footage, at least not yet, of Kardashian being violently robbed. So Star saw fit to manipulate what they did have, purposefully using the headline “Paris Attack Caught On Camera, and turned it into misleading clickbait. Totally shameful.

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