Kim Kardashian “Plans Nude Photoshoot After Wasting Away On Extreme Diet” Is NOT True

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Kim Kardashian Nude Photo Shoot Diet

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Nude Photo Shoot Diet

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Kim Kardashian is not planning a “nude photoshoot” after “wasting away” on an “extreme diet,” despite a report. While eyebrow-raising, Gossip Cop is told the story just isn’t true.

According to RadarOnline, Kardashian is “starving herself to shed the pounds, and she plans to show off the results in racy photos!” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “She’s cranky as hell, her stomach is grumbling a lot of the time, but Kim’s obsessed with dropping a ton more weight and won’t consume more than 700 calories in a day. Kim is obsessed with getting thinner and thinner.”

As proof, the site’s supposed source describes a meal plan that actually sounds fairly reasonable, but also goes on to assert, “On top of that, she’s punishing herself with intense workouts.” The webloid then contends, “Now that she’s seeing big results as a result of her sketchy diet, she’s making plans to reveal her emaciated figure.” The outlet’s tipster claims, “Kim wants to show it off. She’s shed all the baby weight and is ready to go totally nude for a new photoshoot.”

“She’s posed in provocative scenarios many times before, in the desert, on the rocks in Malibu, but this time she wants something really wild, like some sexy boudoir shots rivaling Madonna’s Sex book. She wants it to be shocking but tasteful,” alleges the publication’s purported “insider.” But here’s something that’s not shocking: This sensational, salacious tale isn’t accurate.

First off, Kardashian is one of the most photographed people in the world. If she was actually “wasting away” and looking “emaciated,” everyone would be talking about it. But she looks perfectly fine, which is why RadarOnline is the only outlet claiming otherwise. The site’s stories often don’t match reality, like a piece from two weeks ago that ridiculously alleged Kardashian was in “crisis mode” over her “sinking” career. Of course, the reality star’s career is continuing to do well, which is why the webloid writes about her so often.

Much like that inaccurate article, this one about an “extreme diet” and “nude photoshoot” is also unfounded. While it’s true Kardashian isn’t shy about showing off her body, Gossip Cop is exclusively told by her rep that it’s “false” such a project is in the works, nor is it true that she’s “starving” herself for a shoot. And this isn’t the first time the site has peddled phony claims for traffic.

The clickbait-heavy outlet wrongly said last year that Kardashian was planning her “raunchiest nude photo shoot yet.” And this past March, almost exactly a year after the previously mentioned tall tale, the publication picked up a false story from the National Enquirer, which had alleged Kardashian was working on a nude cookbook. Time has proven both allegations to be fiction, just as Gossip Cop said they were at the time.

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Kim Kardashian is on an extreme diet so she can look thin for a nude photo shoot.


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