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Kim Kardashian did not try to "steal Beyonce's twin thunder," despite a ridiculous claim. Gossip Cop can highlight the absurdity of this story, and reveal why it's factually wrong.

As Gossip Cop reported, it emerged late Saturday that Beyonce gave birth last week, welcoming twins with Jay Z. Now RadarOnline is announcing, "CATFIGHT CONTINUES! Jealous Kim Kardashian Attempts To Steal Beyonce's Twin Thunder." According to the site, Kardashian "refuses to let Beyonce steal the spotlight from her!" How so?

Well, the webloid contends, "Just hours after the news surfaced that Bey had welcomed her twins, the reality star let fans know she's expanding her family, too!" The outlet is referring to Kardashian revealing she and sister Kourtney have new puppies, which were welcomed into the clan in honor of North West's birthday. The online publication tries to connect Kardashian getting a dog to Beyonce giving birth, suggesting the former only did so in an attempt to outshine the latter.

"It's no surprise that Kardashian has been feeling left out as the world zeroed in this past week on speculation that Bey was secretly in labor," contends the webloid. "But by Saturday night, when reports were getting confirmed that the twins were here, Kardashian flew into action and posted her big family announcement about welcoming two new additions to her family.

Uh, not exactly. This story and its claims primarily hinge on timing, and RadarOnline has that wrong. The puppies' arrival was timed to coincide with North's birthday, which took place last Thursday. And Kardashian revealed their new pooch's presence via Snapchat on Friday. That's BEFORE it was reported on Saturday night that Beyonce had given birth. The site conveniently fails to mention the reason North and cousin Penelope got pups to make it seem like the decision was solely made out of competition with Beyonce.

And the outlet inaccurately asserts Kardashian only shared them with the world after the news of Beyonce's babies broke. But it's just not true. It's not clear if the publication willfully ignored the real timeline in order to manufacture a feud tale or if Radar was truly ignorant as to how, when and why it all went down. In either case, Gossip Cop isn't surprised.

The webloid has been pitting the two women against each other for years, and did so repeatedly over the last few months. After Beyonce revealed in February she was expecting twins, the site accused Kardashian of being "jealous." Later that month, it was claimed Kardashian was "secretly afraid pregnant-with-twins Beyonce has stolen her stardom" simply because Beyonce would have more kids than her.

Then in April, the outlet insisted Kardashian and Beyonce were in a "baby battle." Similar to now, it was alleged the "KUWTK" star was attempting to "steal her thunder." Because Kardashian was exploring surrogacy to possibly have a third child, it was tied to a supposed competition with Beyonce.

In all instances, there was no actual hard evidence to back up the assertions, but only a twisting of reality. The publication just wanted to give the appearance of drama and continue its rivalry narrative. But as this latest story shows, the allegations are sensationally off-base and don't hold up under scrutiny.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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