Kim Kardashian Does NOT Want Daughter North In Delivery Room When Giving Birth To Second Child, Despite Report

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Kim Kardashian Delivery Room North

By Michael Lewittes |

Kim Kardashian Delivery Room North

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West do not want their daughter North in the delivery room when the reality star gives birth of their son, despite a wholly fabricated story. Gossip Cop can exclusively confirm that the report is 100 percent made up. Kardashian’s own rep tells us the claim is untrue.

According to a HollywoodLife “source,” Kardashian is “insisting” her two-year-old daughter “Nori [is] in the delivery room.” The webloid then has its bogus “source” say Kardashian wants North “watching” the entire birthing process. The same manufactured “source,” who previously referred to Kardashian’s daughter as “Nori,” is further quoted as saying in a subsequent made-up sentence, “Kim wants herself, North, and Kanye to all lock hands with the baby’s, solidifying their strength, commitment, and love of family.”

Not only does HollywoodLife violate every journalistic standard by making up sources, quotes, and claims, but the webloid also can’t keep track of its nonsense. Even for those who aren’t reporters, it should be pretty obvious that no real source who’s familiar with Kardashian would in one sentence refer to her daughter as “Nori” and then in the following sentence call her “North.” It’s like a “source” calling the star of the Mission Impossible films “Tom” (Cruise) and then saying “Tommy” in the next sentence.

Regardless, Hollywoodlies, as it is known, once again has been caught red-handed fabricating a story. Kardashian is not going to have her daughter North in the delivery room. The reality star’s rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop that HollywoodLife is lying (once again), and that the webloid’s latest tall tale is entirely “false.”

Who are you going to believe: A site that Gossip Cop has busted numerous times for lying or Kardashian’s own people? Either way, remember this story, because Gossip Cop guarantees you when Kardashian has her baby boy, no legitimate publications will be reporting her daughter was in the delivery room.

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Kim Kardashian wants North to be in the delivery room for the birth of her brother.


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