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A certain webloid is claiming to know Kim Kardashian has a "surprising new booty resolution for 2018." This story was made-up just to capitalize on two popular topics: The reality star and New Year's. It's timely, but it's inauthentic as Gossip Cop is told the information didn't really come from a "Kardashian insider," as alleged.

HollywoodLife frequently purports to have "exclusive details" about Kardashian, a concept that it has now combined with the upcoming holiday. The supposed source is quoted as saying, "Kim's vowed to give up obsessing over her butt, that's one of her New Year's resolutions, she's going to totally love and accept her body exactly as it is. She's under so much pressure and scrutiny to be perfect and there have been times she's been really hard on herself."

Why did HollywoodLies, as it's known, concoct this specific angle for the star's alleged New Year's resolution? Simple: In two October episodes of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Kardashian struggled with body dysmorphia after unflattering photos of her famous behind went viral online. To help her deal with the resulting anxiety, sister Kourtney encouraged her to stop paying attention to the media and "just live your life and be happy."

HollywoodLies covered the storyline at the time (see screengrabs below), and now roughly two months later, it manufactured an "exclusive" about Kardashian embracing her body and focusing on "positivity." Their methodology is transparent.

And the site seems to think readers will think its alleged snitch is truly an "insider" because one of the quotes references "Northie," which is what the mom of two frequently calls her daughter. That's just a fake trick the blog is using to give the false appearance that it's in-the-know. The outlet already proved it's anything but when it embarrassed itself last month by claiming Kardashian wasn't finding out the gender of her third baby when she actually already knew she and West were having a girl, as widely covered by the media since September.

It seems HollywoodLies' faux Kardashian "exclusives" fall into two categories: Flat-out wrong stories, like the baby gender flub, and obvious guesses, like this New Year's resolution. Given that the "KUWTK" struggled with her body this year, it's plausible to contend she's resolving to be less fixated on her shape in 2018. Many women make that same vow each New Year's.

But these assertions were cooked up by the webloid, as opposed to legitimately coming from someone close to her. In fact, it's precisely because Kardashian's inner circle isn't giving scoops to the webloid that it ends up bumbling claims and transparently making up others based on information that's already out there. Maybe the site's own New Year's resolution for 2018 should be to develop real, genuine sources. It should also be noted, a rep for Kardashian tells Gossip Cop that no one in the reality star's camp is leaking information to HollywoodLies and that the site never fact-checked its with her team.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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