Kim Kardashian New Robbery Video Is Fake News

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Kim Kardashian New Paris Robbery Video Fake

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian New Paris Robbery Video Fake

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A story purporting to have new video from Kim Kardashian’s robbery is “false,” Gossip Cop is exclusively told. In fact, it seems to be an example of fake news.

On Tuesday, RadarOnline ran a “world exclusive” that blared, “Kim’s Robbers CAUGHT! Bombshell New Video Exposes Thug Behind Heist Nightmare.” According to the sensational article, “an explosive new video tied to the seedy underbelly of Paris could crack Kim Kardashian robbery case wide open at last — by revealing one of the culprits!” The site claims to have obtained “a copy of alleged security camera footage taken of the chilling heist that unfolded.”

How would that happen? Well, it’s alleged that the “thieves demanded that staff at the property give them footage from the cameras on site, in the hopes that they would remove any trace of evidence. But since that fateful night, they’ve been showing the stunning video to their fellow crooks.” And now, thanks to a supposed “insider,” the webloid has published what is claimed to be a clip showing “Kim’s friend or nanny being held by one of the robbers.”

“They were storming the room, and one of her friends was being held,” contends the “insider,” who further asserts, “At the time, Kim was in her bedroom, and there weren’t any cameras there. She didn’t come out to help her friend outside of her door. But you can see that it was very violent.”

And RadarOnline notes that the “grainy black and white footage shows an unknown thug dragging a blonde woman around by the neck. Holding her tightly against a brown couch, he is vicious and brutal — and the woman clearly looks terrified. Most shockingly of all, the man looks directly into the camera at one point as he chokes out the woman from behind.”

That’s enough for the site to claim “this moment could represent the very first time that the faces of any of the members of the brutal gang of thugs has been revealed to the public,” and also asks, “Will this video be the clue they need to crack the case at last?” And yet the outlet makes no mention as to whether this “bombshell” footage has been turned over to authorities.

That’s not the only red flag. The aforementioned “insider” speculates that it may be Kardashian’s “nanny” in the video. But the reality star did not have her kids in Paris with her at the time of the robbery, so there’d be no reason to have a nanny on the trip. What’s more important, though, is that, while Kardashian did have a pal staying in her residence, officials have never said that a “friend” of Kardashian’s was attacked, too.

Rather, it’s always been said that the two victims were Kardashian and the residence’s concierge. So, it’s more than a little suspicious, and quite serious, that RadarOnline is purporting that this video is of the star’s own friend being violently held. Now a rep for Kardashian exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “This is false.”

It’s unclear from where this footage originally came. But no matter, as far as Kardashian’s robbery goes, this is fake news. And, by the way, RadarOnline is one of the outlets that previously accused the robbery of being a hoax. Clearly, the webloid needs better sources.

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