Kim Kardashian NOT Naming Son Easton: HollywoodLife Caught Stealing Exclusive

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By Michael Lewittes |

(HollywoodLife/Getty Images)

(HollywoodLife/Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian is NOT naming her baby Easton, as Gossip Cop exclusively reported on Friday after the reality star’s rep told us the rumored named was wrong. Of course, HollywoodLife, a site that seemingly often fabricates stories as well as steals other legitimate site’s reporting, posted a story on Friday that was dead wrong about the baby’s name. The often unreliable webloid wrote, “A source close to the family claims that North’s new brother will reportedly be called Easton West.” See a screenshot of the entirely inaccurate story below.

Eventually, HollywoodLies, as its often called, read the exclusive report from Gossip Cop and posted a new story on Saturday that was a complete 180 from its original story. What’s even more galling than the webloid contradicting itself and not even acknowledging how shamefully wrong it was the first go-around is that the site stole our story and then had the nerve to call its retread of our work “exclusive.” See how HollywoodLife stole Gossip Cop’s story below.

Of course, while Gossip Cop got an on-the-record statement from Kardashian’s rep, HollywoodLies wrote the reality star and Kanye West “‘haven’t picked out a name, but it won’t be Easton,’ a source close to Kim tells” It’s difficult to imagine that any real “source” is talking to that site, considering how many factually inaccurate and seemingly manufactured stories it publishes about her on a weekly basis.

Check out the screenshots of the original story from Gossip Cop, as well as the inaccurate and stolen stories from HollywoodLife. Unfortunately, this is just one of many well-documented examples of that webloid’s practices. Do you think it’s time Gossip Cop finally sues HollywoodLife?

Gossip Cop’s Exclusive On August 7

Kim Kardashian Easton

(Gossip Cop)

HollywoodLife’s 100 Percent Wrong Story On August 7

HollywoodLife wrong Kim Kardashian baby name


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HollywoodLife Steals Gossip Cop exclusive



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