Kim Kardashian Responds To Megyn Kelly Dissing Her: “I Don’t Know Who That Is”

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Kim Kardashian Megyn Kelly plastic surgery

By Minyvonne Burke |

Kim Kardashian Megyn Kelly plastic surgery

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Kim Kardashian completely dismissed Megyn Kelly after the Fox News host said in a recent interview that she thinks Kardashian promotes women getting plastic surgery in order to appeal to men. Speaking to Variety, of Kardashian’s curvy figure, Kelly said, “It’s all enhanced, and you send the message that you need to surgically alter yourself to the point of shocking to be attractive to men.”

Kardashian responded to Kelly’s comments, telling “ET,” “I don’t know who that is.” Of course, the Fox News host was mentioned everywhere a few weeks ago for her interview with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar about their son, Josh, molesting young girls. Regardless, Kardashian said, “Everyone has an opinion, and everyone is entitled to that.” The pregnant reality star denied that she promotes plastic surgery, but said, “I think people should be happy with who they are. If something makes them feel better about themselves, by all means, do whatever makes you happy.”

Kris Jenner also had a few words for Kelly, telling “ET” that she thinks the comments were not “fair.” “I think [Kim] might be enticing girls to enjoy a great, healthy family life and to have lots of babies,” said Jenner, noting, “We can’t control what people think or start saying or what they’re talking about. When people say things that are untrue or ignorant statements and things that are complete falsifications, you can’t just always be there to fight that battle every day.”

What do you think about Kim Kardashian’s response to Megyn Kelly? NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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