Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's marriage is crumbling, according to a webloid that has been saying that for the last three years. This new version is based on the rapper's tour-related lawsuit, but Gossip Cop is exclusively told it's just as "false" as the tales that came before it.

Earlier this week, it was revealed West is suing insurer Lloyd's of London for its refusal to pay him for the losses incurred from the cancellation of the "Saint Pablo Tour." The rapper believes he's owed a $10 million pay-out because he called off the shows for medical reasons. The insurance company, however, reportedly does not believe West actually suffered a mental breakdown.

Now in the wake of the legal news, RadarOnline has an "exclusive" announcing, "Doomsday! Kim Thinks Kanye Is 'An Idiot' For Lawsuit Mess As Marriage Crumbles." The story alleges Kardashian is "DONE keeping up with her troubled rapper husband" and has had "enough." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "That is why she took off from L.A. to spend time with her family in N.Y.C this week."

"She just wants no part of this mess right now and she knew it would eventually all come out," asserts the site's supposed snitch, who goes on to allege, "Kim is just dumbfounded at what a liability Kanye turned into" and "she does not know what to do." The outlet's purported tipster further contends, "Kim has not discussed what will happen if she leaves him, but she knows that she would get the kids. She really cannot take this anymore and she wants out."

Of course, RadarOnline has been saying Kardashian is "done" and "wants out" for three years now. Never once has it been true. And it's still not true now. In fact, just one day before this article was published, the reality star revealed she was actually with West, sharing a photo on Instagram of her "hubby" accidentally photo-bombing her selfie with the family's new dog.

The couple remains united, despite the webloid's dozens of stories trying to tear them apart, including one in June that wrongly claimed Kardashian and West were fighting over having a third baby. The online publication continually tries to find new angles, or repeats old ones, yet they never pan out to be true. And now Gossip Cop is told by a rep that this is just another "false" report.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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