Kim Kardashian NOT Leaving Kanye West, Despite Report

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Kim Kardashian Leaving Kanye West

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Leaving Kanye West

(In Touch)

Kim Kardashian was NOT “plotting” to leave Kanye West before his hospitalization, despite a tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

The new issue of In Touch hit newsstands on Wednesday, dramatically and insensitively blaring, “Trapped With A Madman.” A headline inside the edition similarly declares, “Kim’s Nightmare: Trapped With A Madman.” The accompanying article promises to reveal “the truth about Kanye West’s epic breakdown and why Kim Kardashian can’t escape their sham of a marriage.”

“For months, Kim had been plotting to walk away from Kanye and their two-and-a-half-year marriage,” claims the magazine. “But when she learned of his epic psychotic break, she immediately put those plans on hold.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Kim was going to leave Kanye because she couldn’t take it anymore.”

The supposed snitch continues, “She was done with his erratic behavior and keeping up this sham of a marriage. But she knew she’d look cold if she left him while he was dealing with a mental breakdown, so she rushed to his side. She also fears that if she walked out now, he would lash out at her and expose her secrets and tell all about the Kardashians.”

And so, the publication declares, “Kim is on her third marriage and is stuck — and she knows it.” An alleged “source” even asserts, “She’s trapped with a madman.” These allegations are pretty odd, though, because In Touch has claimed multiple times over the last two years that Kardashian and West are divorcing. None of those tales had anything to do with the relationship being a “sham.”

But now the marriage is not only fake, but Kardashian CAN’T get divorced? Right. Here’s what’s actually going on: The tabloid, like many other shameless outlets, is trying to capitalize on the interest in West’s hospitalization. But since Kardashian obviously isn’t leaving him during this time, the magazine manufactured a story all about how she was going to… until this crisis happened. What a convenient cover-up.

What’s especially galling, though, is actually the photo featured on the bottom of the magazine’s cover (see above and below). It was clearly designed to make readers think that the person pictured and being attended to by emergency personnel is West in the midst of his “meltdown.” But Gossip Cop investigated, and from what we can tell, the picture is NOT of West.

Nowhere does the magazine say, however, that this is a photo recreation. It seems the publication purposefully wanted to exploit West’s very serious situation and decided to trick readers with a misleading snapshot. In Touch did not respond to repeated requests for information about the seemingly fake photo.

In any case, although the couple has had a trying few months, Gossip Cop is told that the claims Kardashian intended to leave West prior to his medical emergency are false. It’s worth noting the tabloid falsely claimed it was “finally over” for Kardashian and West in May, and just last month wrongly alleged West had dumped Kardashian. In Touch was out of touch with every prior Kimye split story, and remains so now.

Kanye West Meltdown In Touch Photo

(In Touch)

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