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Is Kim Kardashian leaving Kanye West? A tabloid cover story claims the reality star has an "escape plan in place." But as Gossip Cop has already reported, Kardashian and West are not divorcing.

Grazia, however, is claiming the couple's marriage is falling apart and Kardashian may decide to end it. "Things between her and Kanye are at a breaking point," a so-called "source" is quoted as saying. Alleges this supposed snitch, "The marriage has been under increasing pressure lately and she fears all the controversy Kanye is causing is reflecting negatively on her and her family."

The outlet's alleged tipster claims Kardashian even "put a ban on Kanye coming to the Met Gala because his behavior has become so unpredictable that she just didn't trust him." Continues the purported snitch, "There's concern this marriage is on borrowed time. Kim may come across as his long-suffering wife, but she has been ready to leave on a number of occasions and has had multiple exit strategies in place over the years." These "exit plans" and "escape plans," according to the publication, include "having celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser on speed dial."

In addition, it's alleged Kardashian is "working closely" with her momager, Kris Jenner, to "get her affairs in order should the time come that she decides to leave Kanye." The questionable "source" maintains Kardashian previously "put the brakes on their split talks" during the surrogacy process, which led to the arrival of the couple's daughter Chicago in January. But now "with Kanye's latest controversial behavior," claims the suspicious insider, "it feels as though she's really being pushed to her limits," and "they're at a point where no one would be surprised if she walked out on him once the furor dies down."

That last claim in particular makes little sense. If the controversies surrounding West die down, why would Kardashian still feel the need to leave him? Furthermore, the contention that Kardashian banned West from the Met Gala earlier this month is untrue. As was widely-reported, West has been in Wyoming working on multiple albums, the first of which is due out May 25. There is nothing to read into his absence from the ball as far as his marriage goes, just as it was insignificant that he didn't attend last year's event. The couple stayed together regardless.

Furthermore, People recently explained how, as opposed to abandoning the rapper and their relationship, a "loyal" Kardashian is committed to defending West "until the end." A subsequent article specifically stressed, "Does she stand by him? Always. They always have each other's backs and will always go to bat for one another." And Us Weekly has reported that while Kardashian doesn't want people to think she shares West's inflammatory views, she "isn't mad," and claims of "Kim being [angry] are comical and couldn't be further from the truth."

None of this adds up to a divorce. In fact, Kardashian's rep has already gone on record to tell Gossip Cop it's "false" she's intending end the marriage. That will be evident in a few days, when the couple marks their fourth wedding anniversary on May 24.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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