Kim Kardashian did not "leave" Kanye West. The claim is just another fake news story from a webloid that has spent more than two years falsely claiming the couple is divorcing.

Yes, we're talking about RadarOnline, which, for the umpteenth time, is alleging Kardashian and West had their "biggest fight ever." Like Gossip Cop hasn't heard that before. This edition is initially focused on the Met Gala, which took place on Monday night. But the article then goes in all different directions, indicating the site is trying to throw a bunch of suspect information out there in hopes something will stick.

Although it was widely reported West opted to skip the Met Gala because he wasn't ready to return to the red carpet following his hospitalization and mental health struggles, the outlet alleges it was "actually Kardashian's decision to boot her baby-daddy, after the two of them had an epic fight." According to a so-called "family insider," the couple "isn't getting along at all," and West is "always trying to upstage her." Unsurprisingly, not a single example is given to show how the rapper tries to "upstage his wife." In fact, looking at the above photo from last year's Met Gala, they're pretty in sync.

From there, the publication goes on to assert Kardashian and West are also "at war" over remodeling their mansion, having more children, and even the reality star's body. The webloid's supposed source asserts she's been in "meltdown mode" ever since unflattering photos hit the web, and is "quarrelling" with West over getting plastic surgery. But that's not all. The outlet also contends Kardashian is stressed over "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" dropping in the ratings.

So, why didn't West attend the Met Gala? Was it because Kardashian didn't want him to upstage her, or because of home construction? Was it because they can't agree on whether to have more kids, or Kardashian's "body obsession"? Or did the performer stay away because of "KUWTK" ratings? It's like instead of spinning a wheel and landing on one falsehood, the site chose to throw in a bunch.

What seems abundantly clear is the webloid just wanted to build a negative story around Kardashian's solo appearance at the ball. And while multiple reliable outlets reported the reason West didn't attend the gala, RadarOnline wants readers to believe it is the only publication that knows the real story. Please. It was nearly 10 months ago already that a rep even told Gossip Cop that the site doesn't often fact-check its claims about Kardashian and West.

Rather, it seems to invent them. Kardashian didn't "leave" West, except to temporarily go to New York. It is 100 percent misleading and wrong to claim otherwise. Also untrue are all the alleged explanations for West's absence. Or, as a spokesperson exclusively tells Gossip Cop, the entire story is "false." RadarOnline is still having the "biggest fight" with the facts.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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