Kim Kardashian NOT ‘Livid’ Missing Kristin Cavallari Brother ‘Stealing Spotlight’ From Saint West, Despite Vile Claim

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Kim Kardashian Kristin Cavallari Brother Missing

By Andrew Shuster |

Kim Kardashian Kristin Cavallari Brother Missing

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Kim Kardashian is NOT “livid” that Kristin Cavallari’s missing brother Michael is supposedly “stealing the spotlight” away from the birth of her son Saint West, despite a new webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this shameful story. We’re told it’s simply “not true.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Cavallari’s brother has been missing since November 27 after his car was found abandoned near a Utah highway. As we also noted, Kardashian gave birth to Saint on December 5. And now according to RadarOnline, Kardashian is angry that the news of her son’s birth didn’t “break the Internet,” and she’s blaming the disappearance of Cavallari’s brother.

A so-called “source” tells the webloid, “Kim is upset because Kristen’s missing brother is taking away from her son’s birth.” The sites questionable insider adds, “She told friends that she couldn’t believe this would happen just as her son was being born.” The outlet then goes on to make the ridiculous claim that Kardashian didn’t announce the name of her baby until two days after his birth because she was waiting for the Cavallari story to lose steam.

Aside from being completely untrue, the webloid’s report vilely uses an unrelated sad report about a missing person to disgustingly capitalize on the news of Kardashian’s newborn son. Gossip Cop corrected the tasteless site earlier this week for claiming Kardashian and Kanye West were already “at war” over having a third child.

Like that tall tale, Gossip Cop is exclusively told by multiple sources close to Kardashian that the webloid’s claim about her feeling overshadowed by Cavallari’s missing brother is simply “not true.” A source close to the reality star says Kardashian, who’s focusing on the newborn, is “unaware” of the terrible situation the Cavallari family is undergoing.

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Kim Kardashian is livid that Kristin Cavallari’s missing brother is stealing the spotlight of her giving birth.


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