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A HollywoodLife story claiming Kim Kardashian is "supporting" Khloe Kardashian's supposed decision to "keep [her] baby away" from Caitlyn Jenner was made-up. Gossip Cop can bust the report, which appears to be based on obvious guesses, not actual reporting. As we've said many times, our Kardashian insiders have told us on background that no one close to the family is giving "exclusives" to this website. That's still true and evident today.

But after comments from Khloe made headlines on Thursday, the site known as HollywoodLies for its tendency to manufacture fake news stories is claiming to have related insight. Here's what's going on: On Thursday, the ITV show "Lorraine" released a video clip on Twitter from an interview with Khloe, in which she was asked whether having a baby will lead to a reconciliation with Caitlyn. "No, I don't think that affects anything with Caitlyn," she replied. To be clear, Khloe didn't specifically say anything about actively keeping her child away from her.

Nonetheless, HollywoodLies is declaring in a headline, "Kim Kardashian Supporting Khloe's Decision To Keep Baby Away From Caitlyn Amid Feud." Right in the first paragraph there's a dead give-away that the blog has no idea what it's talking about. It refers to Caitlyn as the sisters' "adoptive father." She was actually their stepfather through marriage; there was never any adoption. One would think that if the site actually has an "insider," as it goes on to purport, it would know that. But it becomes apparent that all the outlet really knows is what any fan could rationally conclude on their own.

For example, in terms of Khloe's supposed "decision to keep her forthcoming baby away from the trans icon," the alleged "source" asserts, "Kim is standing behind her sister and she will always have her back." Why would anyone think differently? In another instance of stating the obvious, the purported snitch goes on to assert, "Their family still feels slighted by Caitlyn about what she said about Kris in her book and they've really rallied around Kris." That has been known for months and months. In fact, it was nearly a year ago that Kim slammed Caitlyn's book on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and expressed support for her mom.

To recap, HollywoodLies is maintaining that the Kardashians are still on the outs with Caitlyn and that Kim supports Khloe's feelings. None of this is revelatory. Far from being a scoop, it's readily available information. The only unique aspect is alleging Khloe intends to keep her baby "away" from Caitlyn, which isn't something she ever actually said, based on the footage available. And it's notable that the online publication is only making such a claim in the wake of the aforementioned TV clip being released. This appears to be just yet another example of the website using a kernel of real news to concoct fake news, part of which is obvious and part of which is completely unsubstantiated.

As noted above, Gossip Cop has repeatedly been assured that no one legitimately connected to the Kardashians is sharing their thoughts with HollywoodLies. It's precisely because of this lack of access that the blog actually questioned whether Khloe was really pregnant. That the outlet didn't know for sure or didn't believe she was actually expecting makes it abundantly clear that its Kardashian "exclusives," such as this one, are totally phony and made-up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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