Kim Kardashian Keeping Secrets From Kanye West?

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Kim Kardashian Secrets

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Secrets

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Kim Kardashian is keeping secrets from Kanye West, according to an utterly random and baseless report. This story is not only fake news, but it also doesn’t make any sense.

The bizarre piece comes from Celeb Dirty Laundry, which is blaring in a headline, “Kim Kardashian’s Secrets She Is Keeping From Kanye West.” The article similarly begins, “Kim Kardashian appears to be keeping a lot of secrets from Kanye West.” The webloid then incorrectly says West is “hiding out in Utah as he works on his next album” (he’s actually in Wyoming), while Kardashian has been spending time with her sisters and friends. From that, it’s concluded, “The couple doesn’t seem to be as close as they used to be.”

Okay, so what are the secrets Kardashian is supposedly keeping from West? Well, the site goes on to allege West was “upset” by photos of Kardashian showing cellulite, “which is why he didn’t attend the Met Gala with her.” That’s also untrue. Gossip Cop already explained why West skipped the Met Gala. “Other secrets from Kim Kardashian’s beach photos have emerged,” states the outlet, despite not actually naming one secret yet.

The story goes on to discuss Kardashian returning to the spotlight in the wake of the Paris robbery, and then asserts, “There appears to be other things that she’s hiding from him.” Again, not one secret has been divulged here. And from there, CDL mentions comments the reality star made on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” about aiding West through his hospitalization. There’s nothing secretive about that, either. The report’s conclusion is just as wacky, asking readers, “Do you think Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having troubles in their marriage?”

Gossip Cop reads odds things from the tabloids and webloids all the time. We’ve already pointed out this week’s most ridiculous rumor involving Prince Harry’s pubic hair. But it’s pretty strange to put together an article about Kardashian’s secrets without having any, you know, actual secrets. Gossip Cop also busts Celeb Dirty Laundry for its made-up tale on a pretty regular basis. But rarely have we seen a story this disjointed.

How do you allege Kardashian is keeping secrets from West and then not actually reveal a one to back up that allegation, yet pretend like you are? Just to recap… West and Kardashian are in separate states right now: Not a secret. Paparazzi taking photos of Kardashian’s butt: Not a secret. Kardashian returning to the spotlight: Not a secret. Kardashian talking about West on “KUWTK”: Not a secret. The only secret here is why CDL ran such a weird, unfounded story.

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