Kim Kardashian did not "beg" Kanye West to go to Wyoming, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this story, which claims to know the real reason the rapper left Los Angeles. A rep for Kardashian tells us the allegations are "false."

Early Thursday, TMZ reported West went to Wyoming to finish working on his upcoming albums. He was in the state earlier this year to write and record new music, and now he has returned to the mountainous locale to continue the process. But HollywoodLife contends the Grammy winner didn't actually ditch California for work reasons and that "there's more to his trip than music." It's specifically alleged Kardashian "begged him to leave for his safety."

The site quotes a so-called "source close to Kimye" who asserts, "Kim is 100 percent the reason that Kanye has left LA." This supposed snitch maintains Kardashian "begged him to leave town because she's terrified for his life after the gang threats." As outlets have reported, West was targeted by a gang threat from the Crips in the wake of some of his inflammatory remarks earlier this week. Now according to this version of events, it's that threat that prompted Kardashian to urge West to relocate.

The reality star is described as "scared as hell," with the blog's alleged tipster asserting, "At first, Kanye was being stubborn, but he realized how much this has scared Kim," and so he "agreed to leave LA for a little while." But a rep for Kardashian exclusively tells Gossip Cop that this narrative is "false." Backing up the original TMZ report about West going to Wyoming for business reasons, the spokesperson confirms, "He's there to finish his album. The trip was already planned."

West didn't "flee" California because of a threat nor did he leave because Kardashian "begged" him to go. He left to finish the projects he was working on in Wyoming earlier this year. He always planned to return to complete his work, and it's now crunch time. West has indicated that he plans to release his album on June 1, so the timing of this trip to wrap things up makes perfect sense.

Perhaps if HollywoodLies, as the website is known, did a little research on West's release schedule or fact-checked the claims from its questionable "source" with Kardashian's camp, it would've learned that its contentions are without merit. Besides, if West did actually leave town out of safety concerns due to gang threats, wouldn't his destination have been kept secret for security purposes?

Unfortunately, this seems to be yet another example of the online publication poorly attempting to capitalize on a hot topic (West's scandal) by manufacturing a related story (Kardashian forced him to go away). HollywoodLies is the same site that falsely claimed in December that Kardashian and West were getting a divorce. It's apparent the blog has no real insight on the couple. It only pretends to.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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