Did Kim Kardashian walk out on Kanye West and take their kids with her, as a phony tabloid report is claiming this week? Gossip Cop has investigated the matter. It's not remotely true.

In a sprawling cover story, Life & Style alleges that Kardashian is fed up with West's focus on his career and his church, and feels the rapper isn't taking enough time to take care of their kids and their family. According to the publication, this all stems from the night of the Met Gala last spring when West criticized Kardashian's dress. The argument over her outfit was included on a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and the scene ended with West walking out of the room after voicing his concern about the dress being too revealing. The tabloid has managed to spin a tall tale out of this argument, claiming the two are now divorcing.

The magazine quotes a so-called source as saying, "Kim and Kanye are living totally separate lives right now. He is so hyperfocused on himself and his album and performing his Sunday Service that he's totally detached from Kim and their four children." West's alleged selfishness has supposedly caused "chaos at the house," according to the unnamed source, who adds, "Kim has up and left with the kids. It's over."

The magazine also alleges that Kardashian is upset about how much money West's new album is costing, claiming he's been spending "millions and millions of dollars of their own money" by traveling all over the world to record it. The magazine again quotes the questionable source as saying, "Kim has tried talking sense into him. She's scared he will blow through all their money."

While West has been very busy lately with promoting his upcoming album, Jesus Is King, and with his Sunday Services, there's absolutely no truth to the claim that Kardashian walked out on him. In fact, Kardashian tweeted yesterday, the day after her birthday, that West "donated $1 million to my favorite charities that work so hard on prison reform on my behalf from him and the kids. This makes my heart so happy!" That sure doesn't sound like an angry wife. And just a few days ago, Kardashian shared an Instagram photo of West sleeping in bed with their daughter North. It doesn't appear she's taken any of the kids away from him.

Just to be sure, Gossip Cop checked in with West's spokesperson, not an anonymous source like the tabloid quotes, who tells us on the record that the story isn't true. This has become a reoccurring topic for Life & Style. Two weeks ago the tabloid pushed a story claiming West and Kardashian were having a marriage meltdown over his new album. The outlet used a lot of claims it then recycles for this latest story, including the false notion that Kardashian is angry about how much money the rapper spends. The tabloid doesn't have a clue what's going on with the famous couple, who remain happily married.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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