Kim Kardashian Taking The Kids After Kanye West Fails To Attend Their Baptism?

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Kanye West in a black suit with blonde hair looks at Kim Kardashian in a silver dress

By Griffin Matis |

Kanye West in a black suit with blonde hair looks at Kim Kardashian in a silver dress

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Kim Kardashian is taking her and Kanye West’s four kids after he failed to show up for their baptism in Armenia? That’s the story in one tabloid this week. Gossip Cop looked into it and found the rumor false.

NW published the claim under the headline, “Religious Showdown.” Kardashian took their four children — North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm — to Armenia for baptisms for the three youngest Kardashian-Wests. West, however, did not attend.

“Kanye flat-out refused to go to Armenia and at one point tried to tell Kim she wasn’t going either,” a so-called “mole” tells the tabloid. The issue, says the magazine, is that the rapper supposedly wanted to have the baptisms occur at one of his Sunday Services, his religious performances that fuses hip-hop with gospel. When Kardashian decided to have them done in Armenia, her husband supposedly “flipped.”

As a result, “insiders” are expecting a “multimillion-dollar split.” The biggest issue, according to the outlet, is “Kanye’s wish to move the family to Wyoming.” The locale is especially problematic for Kardashian, who “absolutely hates it out there,” says the tabloid’s alleged “sources.”

“The floodgates opened and she told him exactly how she’s been feeling, which is that she’s totally fed up with his holier-than-thou behavior — quite literally,” the suspicious source adds. “She’s done.” The questionable insider concludes that the couple’s marriage is over, adding, “Kim’s convinced Kanye cares more about his own religion and ego than his kids.”

The story is entirely bogus. As People magazine reported, Kardashian, North and Saint attended West’s Sunday Service at Howard University the same weekend as the kids’ baptism. If she had truly “taken the kids” or fought with West, why would she attend and support her husband at the event she supposedly detests? The tabloid’s “insiders” clearly know noting about the couple’s marriage.

Additionally, the magazine says the biggest issue for the couple is the apparent move to Wyoming. Unfortunately for NW, Gossip Cop has already thoroughly addressed the rumors about West and Kardashian moving to Wyoming. As much as the reality star loves Wyoming, her family isn’t making it their permanent residence. This is a fake “issue” sparking this imaginary divorce.

This isn’t even the first time NW has gotten it wrong when it comes to the Kardashian-West family. A year ago, the tabloid was arguing that West and Kardashian had split and he was moving to Chicago with their son Saint. In January, the outlet incorrectly claimed West was planning on naming then-unborn son Psalm after Donald Trump. The tabloid has been wrong about West and Kardashian’s children, their home and their relationship before, and this latest tale is just as inaccurate.


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