Story About Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Denied At Sushi Restaurant Is Fishy

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West Sushi

By Michael Lewittes |

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Sushi

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A new story claiming that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West weren’t allowed to cut the line and get a table at Shibuya sushi in Calabasas is a bit fishy. Gossip Cop can correct this story. We’re told it’s not true.

According to a report in Star that seems to be focused more on incorporating the titles of West’s songs into its article than actually providing proof, the rapper and Kardashian couldn’t believe how “heartless” the owners of Shibuya were when they tried to recently get a table at the restaurant. A so-called “witness at the eatery” is quoted as telling the tabloid, “Kim was rolling her eyes because the wait was an hour long.” The supposed source, who magically heard Kardashian and West’s entire conversation, alleges the reality star, “Kept whining, ‘Do something Kanye… talk to the owner.”

The magazine claims the sushi joint’s proprietor told Kardashian, “Even my son has to wait, just like everybody else.” The outlet then asserts that Kardashian “huffed but parked her ample backside on a bench outside, chillin’ in the crisp winter air for 60 minutes.” The publication ends its absurd report by before noting the Wests’ time at Shibuya was the “coldest story ever told,” which is yet another lyric from the rapper’s song Heartless.

So, when did this take place? The tabloid curiously doesn’t mention that. Why were there no recent photos of Kardashian outside the sushi restaurant when she supposedly sat on a public bench for an hour? The magazine neglects to explain that, too.

Gossip Cop can easily clarify what going on. It appears the tabloid stretched the truth with its story. We reached out to Shibuya and no one at the restaurant can recall West and Kardashian having been there together in a long time. Additionally, a staffer at the establishment tells us no one remembers the celebrity couple having to wait a full hour for a table.

It’s true Kardashian showed up to the restaurant in a see-through dress in July, but she wasn’t with West and she did not have to sit outdoors “in the crisp winter air for 60 minutes.” West and Kardashian once waited to eat sushi there, but that was back in 2015 and it was a warm May night. Still, Gossip Cop fact-checked the article with sources close to both the rapper and his reality star wife, and we’re told on background that the magazine’s account about them recently waiting an hour for a table never happened.

Oddly, the tabloid also doesn’t bring up West and Kardashian’s $1 billion divorce it reported about two months ago. Of course, that was a lie, too. Much like that untrue cover story, it’s evident this latest sushi tail, er, tale is a bit fishy.