Kim Kardashian Hired Spies To Watch Kanye West?

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West Spies

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West Spies

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Has Kim Kardashian hired spies to watch Kanye West? According to a new report, the reality star enlisted a team to keep an eye on her husband “even when he’s sleeping.” Gossip Cop looked into the claim, and there’s no truth to it.

RadarOnline, which has a track record for getting stories wrong about the couple, alleges Kardashian “isn’t taking any chance” on her husband, who it claims is “looking whacked” these days, and so she hired a “24/7 spy squad to watch his every move.” An unnamed, untraceable and quite possibly made-up “source” is quoted as saying Kardashian contracted a team “to watch over Kanye, even when he’s sleeping in a separate room.” The reason Kardashian supposedly outsourced this, contends the website, is that she’s “too busy” to look after her husband, and it “freaks her out” that she even needs to do that.

From there, the often disproven blog asserts no one has a problem with Kardashian hiring a “spy squad.” In fact, the outlet’s supposed “informant” maintains her friends and family believe it’s “justified” and have “an incredible amount of sympathy” for what Kardashian allegedly has to endure with West. The site ends its article by referring to a previous piece it posted in which “sources” supposedly told the outlet in unison that Kardashian believes “divorce is the only option.”

It’s interesting the website would mention divorce since Gossip Cop has repeatedly busted that site for wrongly claiming Kardashian was divorcing West. In fact, two years ago after a spate of untrue breakup reports, her rep told us RadarOnline doesn’t fact-check its divorce claims about Kardashian and West. And indeed, the following year the blog continued to falsely claim Kardashian had split from West. It even maintained earlier this year that Kardashian was considering a divorce from West. And yet they’re still together.

While the site hides behind anonymous sources, who seemingly have nothing to lose feeding fake stories, Kardashian’s rep went on the record with Gossip Cop to assures us the premise of Kardashian hiring spies to watcher West is “false.” And Kardashian herself has been vocal about why she’s always supportive of West. She recently told CNN’s Van Jones that while her husband may “not be the best communicator… he has the best heart and I know what he means.” Even amidst West’s Twitter feud with Drake, Kardashian chimed in on Instagram to praise her husband for being “brilliant” and the “most genius person” she knows.

Glaringly, the site never mentions what the “spies” are supposed to do after spotting erratic behavior. While there’s no question West occasionally does and says offbeat things, his wife hasn’t hired people to watch over him. Also, it makes no sense to have people look after West as he sleeps. That would actually be the one time not to have anyone spy on him.


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