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Is Kim Kardashian replacing Kanye West with a new husband? A report claims the couple is on the verge of divorce, and she's already eyeing other famous men to take the rapper's place. But Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

"Kim's Hunting For Hubby Number 4," reads a headline in the latest edition of NW. According to the article, the couple's marriage is "all but over," so the "serial bride is already lining up Yeezy's replacement" and is "on the hunt for a new hubby." A so-called "insider" claims Kardashian is at "her wit's end" over West's recent behavior, while a supposed "second source" maintains they're "barely speaking right now" and she's "ignoring him."

The alleged "insider" further contends that Kardashian's decision to go to the Met Gala solo, while West was in Wyoming, is "the biggest sign that their marriage is dead in the water." The tabloid regurgitates its already debunked claims about the reality star "quietly preparing to split" from the performer, and "having fresh divorce papers drawn up." The new wrinkle, though, is that she "doesn't plan to stay a single lady for long" and is "keen to match up with another high profile star as soon as possible so they can become the next Hollywood power couple," asserts the gossip magazine.

To that end, it's alleged Kardashian has been "messaging" both Drake and Michael B. Jordan, but is also "taking a leaf out of the likes of Serena Williams and Rihanna's books and seeking out wealthy businessmen too." Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, is said to be a "perfect match for Kim." Adds the outlet, "She wants someone who can understand her fame and fortune and everything that comes with it... The plan is classic Kim."

Of course, West himself is one of the most famous people in the world. The notion that he's below Kardashian's stature is laughable. More significantly, there's a number of falsehoods here. For starters, Gossip Cop already busted this publication two weeks ago for claiming Kardashian was filing to divorce West, a contention her spokesperson exclusively told us on the record was "false." As for the allegation that the couple is "barely speaking" and she's been "ignoring" the music star, Kardashian and West were all smiles as they went out to eat together in Wyoming last week.

Notably, that outing took place after the Met Gala. The tabloid and its "insider" are wrongly interpreting Kardashian's solo status at the event as a "sign" of a breakup when West also didn't attend the Met Gala 2017. Obviously, they stayed together for another full year after that, so it's ridiculous to claim their marriage is "dead" now because he didn't go to the 2018 ball. There's nothing to infer here beyond the basic truth: West didn't go to the Met Gala two years running. That decision has nothing to do with the state of his marriage and is not proof of an impending split.

And while this magazine is portraying their relationship as falling apart, the far more credible People has reported that Kardashian has been quite "forgiving" of West's controversial antics. "Does she stand by him? Always," reports the reputable outlet, which has also described Kardashian as being a "very loyal wife." As such, it should be obvious that she's not in the process of trying to find a "replacement" for her husband, one whom she does not plan on leaving. NW has taken a false premise, that the couple is divorcing, and attached on a sensationally made-up angle. It is all untruthful.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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