Kim Kardashian Does NOT “Resent” Kanye West’s “Other Woman,” Despite Claim

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West Other Woman

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West Other Woman

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Kim Kardashian does not “resent” Teyana Taylor, despite a report ridiculously branding her Kanye West’s “other woman.” Gossip Cop can bust the untrue story. The article fails to mention Kardashian is friends with Taylor, and supportive of her career.

But the Mirror is claiming Kardashian is “feeling increasingly left out” by West’s “closeness” to Taylor, and is “concerned about her hubby’s friendship” with the singer, who is signed to his label. As a result, there’s allegedly “mounting tension” between the couple. A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Kim’s been feeling a bit put out by Kanye and Teyana bonding over their music.”

“They’ve spend hours holed up in a studio over the past few months, which Kim feels more distant than ever from Kanye [sic],” contends the outlet’s untraceable and nearly unintelligible tipster. The publication goes on to assert Kardashian is “feeling left out in the cold” while West is “singing Teyana’s praises.” And though Kardashian “trusts” the rapper and “knows he loves her,” the unidentifiable snitch maintains, “She cam’t help feeling a bit resentful about the ‘other woman’ [sic].”

The typos throughout the paper’s piece are just one of the problems with this tale. Glaringly, there is significant information left out of the report, and readers therefore are being misled. For starters, it must be noted that the two women are pals. Kardashian attended Taylor’s album listening party last month, and she also boasted about the record on social media. “OMG it’s soooo good,” Kardashian wrote on Twitter only weeks ago. In fact, Kardashian even touted Taylor’s new music months before it was released.

Even as far back as 2016, Kardashian was praising Taylor. It doesn’t make much sense to claim the reality star is resentful of someone she has openly supported for years. Additionally, while the outlet tries make hay out of Taylor and West being “holed up in a studio over the past few months,” it’s not acknowledged that Kardashian frequently visited him in Wyoming as he worked on her album and others. And around the time of one such trip trip in late May, People reported Kardashian was “happy he’s focused on his music.”

To recap: The Mirror wants readers to believe Kardashian is upset over West and Taylor’s working relationship, but conveniently doesn’t mention that the “KUWTK” star has repeatedly offered praise for the singer over the years, including only weeks ago. The publication also wrongly makes it seem like Taylor has led to distance between Kardashian and West, even though she still spent time with him throughout the making of Taylor’s album. By leaving out all of this key information, the article paints an untruthful picture that doesn’t match reality. And while the story doesn’t go as far as suggesting there’s a blossoming romance between West and his protégé, it should still be noted that Taylor is married.


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