Kim Kardashian, Kanye West New Year’s Eve “Netflix And Chill” Plans Is Fake News

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West New Years Eve

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West New Years Eve

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s New Year’s Eve plans do not involve a “Netflix and Chill session,” despite a claim made in yet another fake news story from HollywoodLife. The repeatedly discredited fiction factory even has the gall to maintain its “exclusive” comes from “a source close to the couple.” But it’s all a lie and even Kardashian says so.

The outlet, also known as HollywoodLies, writes how West and Kardashian “aren’t going crazy this New Year’s Eve and honestly, their relaxing plans for the holiday are some serious couple goals.” (“Honestly” is a rather odd word choice for a blog that has a reputation for fabricating articles.) In any event, a seemingly made-up “source” is quoted telling the website, “They want to relax, stay in with the kids, watch Ryan (Seacrest) drop the ball and watch some movies.” The same concocted source adds, “It’s going to be Netflix and Chill.”

Kim Kardashian Kanye West New Years


HollywoodLies further contends, “Whether they’ll be watching Netflix movies like the controversial Bright, or treating their kids to Disney’s Fantasia, which is also streaming, you just know that their family is going to have a nice and quiet night together.” Actually, that “quiet night together” is not a “Netflix and Chill session,” as falsely claimed by the untrustworthy blog. The couple plans to have family and friends over to play games and cook. Rather than heading out to a party, they’re having the party come to them.

So, how does Gossip Cop know that outlet lied again? Well, her rep tells us the site’s story is “false.” Also Kardashian posted her New Year’s plans and resolutions on her website on Friday. The reality star wrote that she and West are “ringing in the New Year with friends and family,” and they’ll be “celebrating the New Year by having a game night and… cooking.” The alleged “couple” night of Netflix was all manufactured.

Gossip Cop has busted HollywoodLies on numerous occasions for untruthfully asserting its tall tales come from a “source close” to Kardashian or West. But then how are so many of its stories 100 percent wrong? The answer is the site makes up fake news and seemingly doesn’t care if it gets caught or not.

Just one week ago, we nailed the repeatedly disproven outlet when it published a totally concocted article about how Kardashian and West’s marriage was pushed “to the limit” in 2017. The phony example the blog gave for how their union was tested was that “Kim had her own personal struggles this year after she was terrifyingly robbed at gunpoint.” Well, you don’t need to be a “source close” to Kardashian to know the robbery in Paris took place in October 2016. Basically, HollywoodLife habitually lies about Kardashian and West and does a terrible job at it, as well.

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