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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not out to become best friends with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. A ridiculous tabloid report claiming they are is false. Gossip Cop can explain.

The headline "Harry, Meghan... and KimYe! Double Dates In The States!" is featured in the latest NW. The magazine's absurd story says Kardashian and West are hoping to become part of a "Fab Four" with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The phony report contends that Markle and Prince Harry are "considering a move to the United States," and "they're ripe for the picking by Tinseltown celebs." Two of those "celebs," the silly story alleges, are West and Kardashian. As such, the rapper and the reality star are hoping to woo the royals into a friendly foursome.

The article quotes a so-called "close family friend" as saying, "Kim moved in similar social circles as Megs in their earlier years in Hollywood and she's keen to get to know her better because she's been looking to up her game socially." To do so, the bogus story claims, Kardashian has "all but cleared out her schedule to have Meghan and Harry for dinner. Plus she'd love to have some girly spa time and take Meghan horse riding." Another suspicious source adds that West is on board with this, saying, "It'll do wonders for any presidential bid - plus he figures that with royal support, he'll be able to take his Sunday church service to the next level."

It's only the first week January, but this may be a contender for the most preposterous story of the year. The tabloid crams everything in - from Markle and Prince Harry's supposed feud with Prince William and Kate Middleton - which Gossip Cop has debunked, to West's Sunday service, which seems to get incorporated into every bogus article about the rapper these days. It's a wonder they didn't find a way to wedge a trip to West's property in Wyoming into the goofy report.

Here are the biggest problems for the tabloid: Markle and Prince Harry's six-week break from royal duty is over. The palace announced yesterday that the duke and duchess would be returning full time to work starting this week. They won't be in LA, as the article implies. The couple is also not considering a move to the US, as Gossip Cop has debunked numerous times. Markle and Prince Harry are also not on the outs with the royal family, another rumor Gossip Cop has busted many times. There is no conclusion left to make other than this story is completely made up.

This is hardly the first time NW has invented a tall tale surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their vacation. In November, just as the break was starting, the unreliable outlet alleged Markle and Prince Harry were planning on spending Christmas with Amal and George Clooney in Italy. The publication's report came just after an official announcement by the couple that they would be spending the holiday in California with Markle's mother. Gossip Cop easily debunked the tabloid's terrible reporting, just as we can do now.

NW is just as unreliable when it comes to Kardashian and West. In November, the outlet purported that West was disowning his two youngest kids with Kardashian because they were born via surrogate. The insulting story was busted by Gossip Cop at the time, and West remains a doting father to all of his children. This outlet can't be trusted when it comes to either couple.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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