MediaTakeOut Makes Up Another Fake Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Divorce Story

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Kanye West Family Reunion, Kim Kardashian Divorce

By Daniel Gates |

Kanye West Family Reunion, Kim Kardashian Divorce

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the subjects of yet another false divorce rumor courtesy of MediaTakeOut, an outlet forced to make up stories about the couple because its sources are terrible. Gossip Cop has been busting MTO for years, and we have yet to be wrong about the bottom-feeding webloid, which seems willing to publish just about anything, regardless of the facts.

“We think it’s pretty obvious that Kanye West is WAY MORE INTO KIM.. than she is to him,” says MediaTakeOut, based on pictures of a smiling Kardashian supposedly “swerving” West as he tried to hug her in Paris this week. (Even though the photos show nothing of the sort.)

The blog adds, “The streets have been whispering for SOME TIME that she’s on the verge of divorce.” No, actually it’s MediaTakeOut that’s been “whispering” about it. On Tuesday, MTO reported that the couple would allegedly announce their divorce in a tabloid weekly on Wednesday. That never happened, because it was a lie. Gossip Cop correctly busted the story.

We’ve correctly busted countless MTO stories that turned out to be lies, such as the blog’s false assertion last month that West and Kardashian were converting to Islam, or the site’s bogus claim in January that she was pregnant again. A source close to the situation AGAIN tells Gossip Cop the couple is happy and “absolutely not” set to divorce.


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