Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Marriage Trouble Stories Proven Wrong With PDA Video

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West PDA Video

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West PDA Video

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For much of this year, tabloids have been claiming Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having marriage trouble. Many of these tales have been untrue, and Gossip Cop has debunked them. Now the couple themselves is proving they’re still going strong.

The January birth of Kardashian and West’s daughter Chicago sparked several of these untrue narratives about the stars clashing. That month, for example, they were said to be arguing about everything from what to name their baby girl to whether to sell the first photos of her. One tabloid even claimed Kardashian was hoping their newborn and possible future children would save their marriage.

In February, the storyline continued with made-up articles about Kardashian being upset with West for going back to work shortly after Chicago was born. RadarOnline even published conflicting and contradictory pieces about the reality star and rapper each accusing the other of being a bad parent. The site further claimed Kardashian’s “selfie obsession” was causing a rift in their marriage, and Heat maintained she was “begging” West to stop “ignoring” her.

Then in early March, Star announced that Kardashian had “reached her limit” and might “finally be ready to call time on their troubled marriage.” A rep for the “KUWTK” star confirmed to Gossip Cop that there was no truth to the report, but the magazine later doubled down with a new article that alleged Kardashian was threatening to take the kids away from West. Her spokesperson also denied that claim was true.

Despite the busts, in late March OK! Australia recycled some of the contentions from both of those debunked stories and took the narrative even further for an article headlined, “Poor Kim: ‘Kanye Left Me.'” Of course, Kardashian never uttered any such thing. That brings us to April, when NW tried to claim Kardashian and West were “back on track.” As we explained then, though, they were never “off” track in the first place. They weren’t actually experiencing marital woes to begin with, as we rightly pointed out with each of these bogus reports.

Now in further proof that we were correct, the couple themselves is showing the world that they’re still loved up. At a party on Thursday night, Kardashian and West were filmed essentially making out. A pal next to them expresses in the footage, “You guys are the best married couple I know.” Of course, Gossip Cop suspects that this sweet moment may be used for a new round of phony articles about how they supposedly repaired their relationship.

But that spin will just be a cover-up for months of bad reporting and outright lies about the status of their marriage, much like the aforementioned NW piece. Whatever happens, we’ll continue to separate fact from fiction as necessary. And given that Kardashian and West’s fourth wedding anniversary is next month, we offer some early congratulations now for proving the tabloids wrong.


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