Kim Kardashian NOT “Considering Leaving” Kanye West Or Announcing Divorce

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Kim Kardashian Divorce Leaving Kanye West

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Kim Kardashian Divorce Leaving Kanye West

(In Touch)

Kim Kardashian is not “considering leaving” Kanye West, nor has she “announced” a divorce, contrary to a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can debunk the untrue report. As we’ve reported multiple times, the couple is not splitting.

But the new cover of In Touch falsely declares, “Kim Announces Divorce!” According to the magazine, Kardashian and West’s recent visit to Paris was a “trip that could potentially end her marriage,” because he “had another outburst and it pushed Kim over the edge.” The outlet is referring to West embracing Virgil Abloh and crying with him after the designer’s history-making Louis Vuitton fashion show. A so-called “source” claims Kardashian was upset that West “made a scene.” This is provably false. After what was actually a heartwarming moment, not an “outburst,” Kardashian retweeted footage of West and Abloh’s tear-filled hug with both crying and smiling emojis, along with a heart.

The publication is misrepresenting what happened and Kardashian’s reaction in order to sell this narrative about her supposedly “shocking decision to leave” her husband. The tabloid contends she has “announced to her close-knit family that she is leaving the rapper,” and a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “It’s over.” The “final straw” is said to be an “ugly fight” over West’s controversial tweets and remarks to TMZ. But this is wrong, too. Kardashian has acknowledged she wasn’t “calm” after West’s slavery comments, but stressed in an interview with “Extra,” “I know my husband has the best intentions. He has the biggest heart.” She made it clear in that interview, as well as a similar one with “Entertainment Tonight,” that West has her continued support.

After this second misrepresentation, there’s a third when the magazine quotes from West’s recent New York Times interview, in which he admitted, “I called different family members and was asking, you know, ‘Was Kim thinking about leaving me after TMZ?’” The outlet doesn’t mention that both he and Kardashian already made clear she had no intention of leaving him in the lyrics to his song “Wouldn’t Leave,” in which he raps, “Told her she could leave me now/But she wouldn’t leave.”

Yet the publication maintains the relationship really is done. “It’s gotten to the stage where her freedom is more important than being trapped in a bad marriage,” claims the supposed source, adding, “Kim’s ready to start over –without Kanye by her side.” Nowhere does the tabloid mention that just last month, Kardashian’s anniversary tribute to West on Twitter said that she intends to spend “forever” with him. The magazine also doesn’t recognize that it also announced a divorce for Kardashian and West more than a year ago, as well as in 2016, 2015 and 2014. This is a recycled storyline, and the outlet has been proven wrong every single time. In fact, this new “Kim Announces Divorce” cover is strikingly similar to one manufactured nearly two years ago (see below).

Conclusion: Throughout the cover story, the publication twists things into marriage-ending crises, even though there’s evidence showing otherwise. As seen on Kardashian’s own Twitter feed, she was moved by West’s emotional moment with Abloh, which wasn’t an “outburst” in the least. She’s explained her ongoing support for the performer in two recent interviews. And she recently tweeted about staying together “forever.”

All of this, directly from Kardashian herself, means a lot more than what In Touch and its anonymous, untraceable “insider” has to offer. This tabloid also has a documented history of falsely announcing divorces for the couple. This is yet another one of those instances. Gossip Cop also reached out to a rep for Kardashian for an official comment and will update when we hear back.

Kim Kardashian Divorce Kanye West Kids

(In Touch)


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