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Kim Kardashian told Kanye West to "stop flirting" with her sisters, according to a new report. The story is based on the rapper's recent song lyrics about "smashing" his sisters-in-law. But Gossip Cop can point to evidence that the couple is not having issues over the suggestive rap.

Earlier this month, West released a song called "XTCY," which was one of the cuts that didn't make his last album. The track made waves in part due to the lines, "You got sick thoughts? I got more of 'em/You got a sister-in-law you'd smash? I got four of 'em." Now Closer is alleging Kardashian was "livid" when West "appeared to reveal his desire to sleep with her four sisters."

"Kim is notoriously competitive with her sisters when it comes to looking the slimmest and the hottest. The idea that Kanye may think they — especially the younger ones — are better looking than her really hurts," a so-called "pal" is quoted as saying. This purported friend goes on to claim, "She's told him in the past not to flirt with them and she's made her feelings clear to him again. She felt his new lyrics about them were a step too far."

The tabloid's untraceable source further contends, "Kim tries to be understanding and knows Kanye love to be controversial, but to embarrass her so publicly like this is crossing the line and she feels like he's got so out of control, she's powerless to stop him." The magazine even claims Kardashian "accused" Kourtney and Khloe of "flirting with Kanye" at Kylie's recent birthday party. "Kim felt Kourtney was all over Kanye... and said Khloe was also acting inappropriately," alleges the questionable snitch, adding, "Even though Kim didn't feel remotely threatened, it still irritated her."

Wait, Kardashian didn't feel threatened? The first half of the article is all about how she feels insecure over West's alleged interest in her sisters and is "competitive" with them. The claims appear to be contradictory. Additionally, despite there being a wealth of photos and videos on social media from Kylie's star-studded bash, nothing has emerged showing Kourtney "all over" West, or Khloe "acting inappropriately" with him. So the outlet actually has no proof of West "flirting" with Kardashian's sisters at all.

On the contrary, the only person he seems to be flirting with lately is Kardashian herself. A few days ago, West posted on Twitter a photo of Kardashian baring her bottom in a thong bathing suit, captioning it with fire emojis. And on Monday, West shared on Twitter a picture of himself and Kardashian all dressed up for 2 Chainz's wedding. He clearly has eyes for his wife.

Furthermore, People already reported last week how Kardashian feels about West's explicit lyrics about her sisters. The reputable publication stressed, "None of the KarJenners seemed to mind," pointing out how the rapper "often goes over the lyrics to his songs" with Kardashian, and that "none of the sisters have mentioned being upset about the song." And there's no legitimate indication that Kardashian is.

It's also worth recognizing that this narrative is coming from the same tabloid that claimed in June Kardashian and West were leading "separate lives." It was apparent through examples Gossip Cop rounded up then that such a contention was transparently false. And if the couple had separate lives, as alleged then, why would Kardashian be so upset now over West having an eye towards others? No matter: The couple is still very much a unit, and there is no ongoing dispute over the song.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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