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A tabloid is accusing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West of faking their relationship. Of course, this rumor has come and gone several times over the years. Gossip Cop can point out the latest evidence to debunk it.

"The 'Miserable' Reality Behind Kimye's Loved-Up Weekend," reads a headline in Heat, which is referring to the recent weekend Kardashian and West spent in Miami, where they attended 2 Chainz's wedding. While they were photographed engaging in PDA, the magazine contends "it was a different story once the cameras off." It's specifically alleged "the tension was so bad between them, onlookers accused the pair of having an 'obvious showmance.'"

A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "People were talking about how over the top and fake they were being. The PDAs looked so phony, and Kim appeared to be autopilot when people were watching her, putting on a forced smile." This untraceable tipster insists, "They actually seemed miserable, and the moment they had any private time, she iced him out very noticeably. There was no impression of warmth between them both, and everyone was talking about what an obvious showmance it was."

The outlet's supposed insider goes on to criticize the couple for allegedly "trying to upstage the bride and groom at every turn," which is said to be part of a larger publicity plan tied to their relationship. "That's why Kim is always in sexy outfits and Kanye's doing strange things, like wearing slippers to a wedding," asserts the purported tipster, who laments, "They are spending all their time trying to prove to the public that things are great, instead of focusing on fixing their marriage. But there's only so long they can keep this charade up."

It's even claimed that people "would much rather Kim was open about her relationship troubles, rather than pretending everything is perfect." But the publication fails to acknowledge that Kardashian was very open about marital issues that stemmed from West's controversial slavery comments a few months ago. "Screams, cries for days," she admitted in June.

The contention that Kardashian and West only appeared happy in front of the paparazzi at 2 Chainz's wedding is provably false as well. In a video on Kardashian's Snapchat, West was laughing and smiling as she filmed him with pal Lil Wayne. If the couple was only trying to keep up appearances in public, they needn't have taken a personal video inside the private wedding.

Additionally, if they only care about faking a romance when stepping out, West didn't have to post a picture on Twitter the other day of himself and Kardashian with the "OK" emoji." He also posted several pictures of Kardashian a few weeks ago, including one Twitter photo he captioned with fire emojis. It should also be noted that the notion the reality star is only wearing "sexy outfits" to get positive attention for her marriage is ridiculous. This photo gallery from 2011 shows how Kardashian has spent years dressing sexily, long before she and West tied the knot in 2014.

A similarly flawed narrative was presented in July by Woman's Day, with the tabloid claiming Kardashian and West have a "secret pact" to fake a public relationship. This latest version of the same bogus storyline comes from a magazine that in February claimed Kardashian was upset with West for supposedly "ignoring" her. If they're trying to keep up a "showmance," as now alleged, why would he have been ignoring her?

These stories aren't exactly consistent. And just as the outlet's claims earlier this year didn't stand up against the facts, neither do these new ones. Like every couple, Kardashian and West have their ups and down. And like most celebrities, they enjoy publicity. But that doesn't mean they're faking it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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