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Kim Kardashian does not fear Kanye West is "using drugs" amid "another meltdown," despite a report. She's also not "worried about his state of mind." Gossip Cop can bust these untrue claims.

RadarOnline, which has a long, documented history of publishing false allegations about Kardashian and West, is claiming to know how she's reacting to the rapper's controversial Twitter comments. On Monday, the site ran an article contending Kardashian wants West to "shut the [expletive] up," and "hates" that he's "rambling all this nonsense on Twitter." A so-called "'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' insider" maintained she had "begged him to end it before it is too late" and was "so much more upset" over his supposed refusal to do so. Insisted the purported tipster, "She and her family feel like he is coming unhinged again and that he may be going through another mental meltdown."

Now on Wednesday, the website is offering a follow-up story, in which it's claimed Kardashian and her family "believe that drugs may be behind the rapper's latest meltdown." Here, another alleged "'KUWTK' insider" contends, "Kim and her family have good reason to believe that Kanye is using drugs again because of his erratic behavior." The blog once more describes West as "unhinged again." But according to Kardashian herself, none of this is true.

Amidst these two reports, Kardashian posted a number of messages on Twitter Wednesday afternoon that directly refute the outlet's claims about how she's supposedly feeling about her husband these days. In the series of tweets, the reality star disputed the notion that West's behavior is "erratic," and voiced support for his freedom to express himself. "Because some of his ideas differ from yours you have to throw in the mental health card? That's just not fair," she wrote.

Kardashian went on to acknowledge that she doesn't agree with all of West's beliefs, but stressed, "I believe in people being able to have their own opinions, even if really different from mine." She emphasized the "respect" and "love" she has for the performer, even suggesting West is "years ahead of his time." Her statements quite clearly contradict the assertions from RadarOnline.

The online publication's two reports insist Kardashian wants West to "shut up" and that she's concerned he's "unhinged" due to drug use, but she stated point-blank that he's "just being himself." She essentially gave her blessing to his comments, and gave no indication that she finds anything alarming about his postings. When fans are given the option of believing a disreputable site's claims from untraceable and unidentifiable "insiders" versus trusting Kardashian's own on-the-record remarks, the choice should be clear.

After all, the website has virtually no credibility to stand on. This is the same blog that falsely claimed West was on "marriage probation" more than six months ago as a last resort before a divorce. Irrespective of reality and truth, the outlet routinely paints the spouses at odds with each other.

But it should be noted that in addition to Kardashian's own tweets about their relationship, "Entertainment Tonight" reported Tuesday in a story about West and Kris Jenner that not only is the family matriarch standing by the rapper, but his wife also "understands him" and is "fully supportive." Maybe RadarOnline just doesn't understand.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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