Kim Kardashian Ready To Divorce Kanye West?

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West Divorce June 2018

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West Divorce June 2018

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Is Kim Kardashian ready to divorce Kanye West? That’s what a certain tabloid once again wants readers to believe. But Gossip Cop can debunk the report, just like we rightly have in the past.

Inside its latest edition, Star is blaring in a headline, “Kim & Kanye Billion-Dollar Divorce Shocker.” If that sounds familiar, it’s because the magazine has spent the last four years publishing untrue stories about a “billion-dollar divorce” for the couple. In fact, Gossip Cop even has a photo gallery showing this is an oft-repeated claim (see below). Not once has the outlet been correct, and it still isn’t now.

According to the newest version of this tired, old narrative, Kardashian is “ready to bail on their long-troubled marriage” because she’s “fed up” with West’s “crazed ‘creativity.'” The publication claims that instead of unwrapping a glitzy gift from his wife for his recent birthday, the rapper “may be opening a stack of divorce papers.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Kim’s just exhausted by all of Kanye’s drama… She’s furious at the way he’s embarrassed her family and dragged their name through the mud.”

As for West’s position, the tabloid’s supposed snitch contends, “He’s ready to ditch anyone who isn’t behind him, even Kim. I wouldn’t be surprised if he shrugs it off and tells Kim to just go ahead and file the papers.” The magazine goes on to regurgitate already debunked claims about a “mid-nuptial agreement,” and Kardashian consulting with a divorce attorney. The outlet’s alleged tipster also claims West “hasn’t had much time for the kids,” and asserts a breakup “could end up being the most expensive divorce in Hollywood history.”

Again, the publication has been saying this for quite literally years. And while the tabloid usually doesn’t have proof to back up its allegations, there’s plenty of evidence that its claims are wrong. Kardashian and West have spent the last few days celebrating daughter North’s birthday in New York, which goes against the contention that he doesn’t have “time” for his kids. As for his own birthday, that’s come and gone without the Grammy winner being served with divorce papers. Instead, Kardashian threw West a birthday party.

And as opposed to being ready to divorce her husband, just a few weeks ago Kardashian marked their anniversary on Twitter with a post that read in part, “4 years down and forever to go… I can’t wait for forever.” She has also shown support for his “crazed creativity,” with Kardashian posting on Twitter earlier this month that she was “so proud” of him for dropping back-to-back albums. There’s similarly evidence that he has no intention of “ditching” her either, with West himself posting on Twitter last month, “Gratitude and happiness best describe what my wife means to me. I’m deeply grateful and purely happy.”

Conclusion: Star has a documented history of untruthfully claiming Kardashian and West are on the verge of a “billion-dollar divorce.” Gossip Cop and time have repeatedly proven the tabloid wrong. In regards to these latest claims, there’s significant evidence that Kardashian and West are still united as a couple, including statements they themselves have made in recent weeks. It is apparent Kardashian is not, in fact, ready to divorce West, and this story has no merit to it, just like the ones that came before it. As such, we are rating it a zero.



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