One of this week's tabloids claims Kim Kardashian plans on divorcing Kanye West once their fourth baby arrives via surrogate. The story is completely untrue. Gossip Cop can correct it.

According to In Touch, the reality star is fed up with her husband's supposed "demands that she dote on him constantly" and it led to a huge fight between the pair. An alleged insider tells the magazine, "He accused her of not giving him enough attention. It got out of control. Kim needs her freedom - she went and got the kids and stormed out, slamming the door."

The supposed source further contends that West "lectures" his wife about spending too much time with her mom and sisters, but she feels there's a "double standard" because he's often away recording his albums. "The way she sees it, there's one rule for Kanye and another for her," adds the questionable tipster. "He goes wherever he wants, but when he's in LA, he expects Kim to run around after him 24/7. She feels more like his babysitter than his wife."

The seemingly phony source further contends that West often "goes MIA," to the point where Kardashian is concerned he may miss the birth of their fourth child. "Kim's worried that if the surrogate goes into labor early, she won't be able to reach him," adds the suspicious insider. "The problem is Kanye isn't great at taking responsibility for his own actions and will probably blame Kim if this happens."

The so-called "source" goes on to say that even if West does make the birth, his wife is still walking away. "There's no reason for her to stay trapped in a bad marriage," adds the supposed insider. "This isn't a rocky patch they're going through. They've been unhappy for years."

The magazine's report is false on every level. Just last week, Kardashian and West went on a vacation to Bali together. The reality star documented the romantic getaway on social media, sharing multiple photos and videos, including a selfie of the spouses lounging on the deck of their hotel suite. Additionally, it was reported just two days ago that Kardashian and West are in negotiations to purchase a vacation house in Palm Springs. Suffice to say, couples on the verge of a divorce don't typically purchase a new home together.

It's worth noting, Gossip Cop busted In Touch back in June 2018 for falsely claiming Kardashian was leaving West. That phony article even included a similar quote about the reality star being "trapped in a bad marriage." The premise wasn't true then and it's no more accurate now. The spouses are going strong as they prepare for the arrival of their fourth child, and the claim otherwise is baseless.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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