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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not going broke, contrary to a laughable claim from a website known for its wrong reports about the couple. The stars certainly have a luxurious lifestyle, but they're not in danger of "overspending." Gossip Cop can bust this nonsense.

In one of its typically sensational headlines, RadarOnline exclaims on Tuesday, "Private Jets, Bling & Lavish Gifts! Kim Blasts Kanye: 'You're Making Us Broke!'" According to the inaccurate story, Kardashian and West are "at odds" over his "free-spending lifestyle," which is supposedly "sending his family's finances into a downward spiral." Kardashian is described as "freaking out" over the alleged "money woes."

A so-called "source" claims West's monthly expenses are "huge," not just professionally but with "personal extravagances too." No specific examples are given, but the site's purported tipster rattles off a vague list of alleged spending habits, "from private jets to overpriced bling, gifts for his entourage and random art purchases," that supposedly show he's "out of control." The performer is said to believe "money is no object," even though it's claimed "neither he nor Kim are pulling in anything like what they used to."

"She's scared to death he'll drag her down with him because their finances are so intertwined," contends the website's question insider. The blog ends its piece by noting West was "facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit" after a mental breakdown in 2016 led him to cancel his tour. What the outlet fails to mention, however, is that it was the rapper who initially filed suit, seeking the payment for his insurance policy. Last month, TMZ reported West and Lloyd's of London settled the suit, with the insurer agreeing to pay him millions of dollars. That's money going into his pocket.

Also last month, another edition of Yeezy shoes sold out immediately, as his collections often do. Again, that's money coming in, not going out. As for his wife, last fall the Kardashians signed a new $150 million deal with E!, with TMZ even noting most of the money would be going to Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. Beyond TV (for which Kardashian also produces the Lifetime series "Glam Masters"), the mom of three has her beauty business. Her latest offering, concealer kits, just went on sale last Friday, and as Kardashian's site shows, all of the products are now sold out. That's more cash to line the couple's coffers.

Let's also not forget that West had enough money in December to purchase $400,000 worth of stock in top companies like Apple and Netflix as a Christmas present for Kardashian. As reported in February, the increased market value on those businesses has led Kardashian's stock fortune to grow. None of these points — not the settlement, not the Yeezy line, not the "KUWTK deal, not the beauty line and not the stocks — are mentioned in RadarOnline's article. That's probably because they show the stars are actually doing just fine financially.

It's also worth noting this isn't the first time the online publication has been wrong about money coming between the pair. Last summer, the site concocted a phony story about Kardashian worrying about what would happen if West "goes under financially," leading her to supposedly draw up a "mid-nuptial agreement" to "protect herself" monetarily. At the time, a rep for Kardashian confirmed to Gossip Cop the claims were false. And for the reasons outlined above, it's clear the notion that she and West are going "broke" is false, too.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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