Kim Kardashian To “Spoil” Kanye West “In The Bedroom” For His Birthday Is Made-Up Story

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Kim Kardashian Spoil Kanye West Birthday

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Spoil Kanye West Birthday

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A certain website is claiming to know how Kim Kardashian plans to “spoil” Kanye West “in the bedroom” for his birthday. Like similar stories of this nature that have been peddled by this particular blog, there is no reason to believe this is a legitimate report. On the contrary, Gossip Cop can point out reasons why it appears to be made-up.

Once again, HollywoodLife wants readers to believe it has details on the intimate relations between celebrities. Gossip Cop has pointed out in the past the sheer absurdity of the blog purporting to have inside knowledge on what stars like Chris Brown, Kourtney Kardashian and Gwen Stefani get up to behind closed doors. In fact, it was nearly a year ago that the site laughably announced it had learned Kardashian and West were having “the best sex of their lives.”

Now the outlet is claiming that a “source close to Kim told HL exclusively what sexy plans she has in store for Kanye” in honor of his birthday. This alleged snitch is quoted as saying, “Kim has Kanye’s favorite lingerie set aside to wear and is going to go all out tonight in the bedroom to make sure her man has a birthday gift he will never forget.” What kind of person would actually leak such private information? Perhaps it’s the same “insider” who last year told the online publication that Gwen Stefani spent thousands of dollars on “sexy new lingerie” for Blake Shelton’s birthday.

Which is to say this new story on Kardashian and West is suspiciously very similar to that June 2017 article on Stefani and Shelton. Which is more likely: That HollywoodLies, as it’s known, made-up both tales, or that real people truly connected to both couples told a gossip website about their plans to hit the sheets? Notably, no reputable celebrity-focused publications offer these kinds of narratives. That’s because authentic “sources” and “insiders” don’t actually dish on stars getting down and dirty. But this is a disturbing pattern for this particular site. Only a few weeks ago, Gossip Cop pointed out on Twitter that the blog actually concocted a story about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry “enjoying hot baby-making sex after getting married.”

The outrageousness of these premises is not the only reason the articles shouldn’t be believed. Fans should also remember that the outlet has a documented history of publishing provably false stories about all of these stars. Last November and December, HollywoodLies repeatedly claimed Kardashian and West were getting divorced. Of course, nothing is said about that now in this new post about how she’s planned out a “romantic evening that’s about to go down in the bedroom.”

Earlier this week Kardashian revealed for West’s birthday that she was organizing an “intimate little dinner with friends.” She said nothing about anything intimate that may “go down in the bedroom.” There’s no reason to believe a “source close to Kim” did either.


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