Kim Kardashian, Kanye West “Back On Track” After Marriage Problems Is Fake News Story

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West Marriage Problems Fake News

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West Marriage Problems Fake News

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A tabloid is announcing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are “back on track,” but this is fake news. The couple was never off track in the first place. A rep for Kardashian confirmed to Gossip Cop several times that reports of marriage problems in the last few months were untrue. Now that time has proven that we were right, the stars’ continued happiness is being used to spread yet more fiction.

According to this spin from NW, Kardashian gave West an “ultimatum” to “show up, or ship out” in a “bid to save their struggling four-year marriage.” Now after a “few tense months,” the gossip magazine claims Kardashian’s “threat worked.” As evidence, the outlet points to West’s recent trip to the zoo with their kids and his attendance at the family’s Easter gathering, as well as the family photo Kardashian shared on Instagram from the celebration.

On top of that, the publication asserts West’s supposed “avoidance of his daddy duties” is no more. “He’s helping out a lot and spending more time a home,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. It all leads the tabloid to conclude Kardashian and West “successfully navigated one bump in the road” and are now living a “freshly drama-free family life.”

But if the magazine had a real “source,” it would’ve known there was no “bump” or “drama” to begin with. The gossip media has spent the nearly three months since Chicago was born peddling false tales about marital and parental woes, and this claim that an “ultimatum” was issued was first sparked by Star. In early March, the tabloid alleged Kardashian had “reached her limit” with West, and was contemplating ending their marriage. A rep for the reality star told us on the record that there was no truth to the story.

Later in the month, however, Star tried to double down with a second story alleging Kardashian was threatening to take the kids away from West if he didn’t “man up to his daddy duties.” Again, a spokesperson for the “KUWTK” star denied the report was true. The purported issues between them were imagined by the tabloids and entirely unsubstantiated.

But rather than acknowledge that those rumors, which were based on untraceable and unidentifiable sources, were inaccurate and that Kardashian’s own rep disputed the allegations, NW has crafted this bogus story about Kardashian and West being “back on track.” This is a cover-up in which lies are being piled on top of lies, where a phony premise is concocted to make up for a previous phony premise.

Of course, People reported all the way back in January that West was “excited” to be a father for the third time, even noting how he’s “hands-on” and “does everything that a dad does,” including diaper changes. There was never an “avoidance of daddy duties,” and stories claiming otherwise never should’ve been spread in the first place. Now instead of correcting the misinformation, readers are getting more fake news.


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