Kim Kardashian, Kanye West NOT In “Battle” Over Baby Name, Despite Report

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Kim Kardshian Kanye West Baby Name Battle

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardshian Kanye West Baby Name Battle

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While Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have yet to choose a name for their newborn baby, they are not in some kind of “battle” over the moniker. Gossip Cop can debunk an inaccurate report about the situation.

One day after it was revealed Kardashian and West’s surrogate gave birth earlier this week to a healthy baby girl, RadarOnline is blaring in a headline, “It’s War! Kim & Kanye Battle Over Baby Name Explodes After Dramatic Delivery.” According to the accompanying story, “The parents of three were initially at war over what to name their newest addition.” The webloid starts off by repeating its already debunked claim about Kardashian having a fight with pregnant sister Kylie Jenner “for the right to name her child ‘Love.'”

And then the site alleges that following that, West was “‘insisting’ that they name his daughter after his late mother, Donda.” But a so-called “family insider” claims, “Kim didn’t want to name the baby Donda because she just didn’t like the name itself. It is nothing against his mother at all.” So now what? Tellingly, the outlet doesn’t seem to know.

The article’s headline alleges “Battle Over Baby Name Explodes,” but the report itself says nothing about an ongoing dispute exploding. And as the piece goes on, the blog abruptly changes its focus to assert the couple was “also at odds over whether to post the first photos of their newborn on social media, or sell them to the highest bidder.” Then the topic changes again with the online publication and its supposed source alleging there was “serious drama” in the delivery room because the surrogate “would only allow Kim and Kanye in the room, no one else.”

Gossip Cop isn’t sure what’s dramatic about that. It seems like RadarOnline was so desperate to do a story connected to Kardashian and West welcoming their third child that it compiled a hodgepodge of claims without much rhyme, reason or evidence. It is true that Kardashian and West have not picked a name for their daughter yet. But it’s not because they’ve been in a “battle” over it.

They simply have yet to think of a name they want to give their little one for life, which is actually a common dilemma. As for the “Donda” allegation, Kardashian told Ellen DeGeneres in November that they were looking for a one syllable name, so obviously that wouldn’t fit the bill. In addition, there was never an issue over whether to sell the first photos of the baby girl. The stars never did that for their first two children, instead choosing to release pictures themselves online. That’s always been the plan this time around, too. Apparently the only “battle” here is with the truth.

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