HollywoodLife Caught Making Up Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift “Diss” Stories

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Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift HollywoodLife

By Michael Lewittes |

Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift HollywoodLife

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Kim Kardashian did NOT “diss” Taylor Swift on Twitter by liking a tweet to an article about her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris’s new song “My Way.” That’s among the lies spewed by the repeatedly discredited HollywoodLife. In fact, Kardashian’s own rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the reality star “hasn’t been on social media” since the Paris robbery in early October.

Truth and facts be damned, HollywoodLies went into overdrive to make up up a slew of “exclusive” stories over the past 24 hours based on that premise, which Kardashian’s rep went on to term “false.” Among the fabricated articles by the webloid was one that blared the headline, “Kim Kardashian Won’t Rest Until The World Sees How ‘Manipulative’ Taylor Swift Really Is.” In that exercise of creative writing, the site alleged Kardashian “returned to Twitter after weeks of silence in a big way, when she shaded Taylor Swift,” because its so-called “source” says, “It bugs Kim that the world sees Taylor as this sweet Disney princess, when in reality she is more of a manipulative, calculating business woman.”

Next up was an article titled, “Taylor Swift: Kim Kardashian’s ‘Not Cool’ For Throwing Shade — Worry About Kids Instead.” In that concocted piece, the provably wrong site quotes one of its fake sources as saying, “Taylor feels that anytime Kim or Kanye [West] throw any type of shade at her that it is not cool.” In reference to Kardashian’s “diss” (liking a tweet that never actually happened), the outlet has a fictional Swift “insider” relating, “Kim is a mother and Taylor feels she should focus on that over wasting time bashing her. Better to be a role model than bitter.”

But that wasn’t all. In its blatant attempt to get even more traffic and links, the untrustworthy outlet followed up that third piece of fiction with an equally untrue article with the headline, “Drake Urges Kanye West To Make Kim Kardashian Stop Dissing Taylor: She Needs To ‘Back Up.’” In that manipulation, the webloid has yet another unnamed and entirely specious “source” say, “Drake texted Kanye and asked him, politely, to tell his girl to back off Taylor… Drake stays on social media like it’s a job and is aware of Kim’s jab. He told Ye that he’s cool with him and Kim, but Taylor could use a little more respect!”

With the clicks coming in the hundreds of thousands, so came another entirely manufactured story titled, “Drake Wants Taylor Swift To ‘Ignore’ Kim Kardashian’s Subtle Diss & Keep ‘Shining,’” In that made-up article, HollywoodLies alleges it “has EXCLUSIVELY learned” that Drake has been “persuading the pop star to ‘ignore’ Kim Kardashian’s subtle diss to the fullest.”

Once again, two things bear reminding. One, Kardashian’s own rep told Gossip Cop that the reality star didn’t comment positively or negatively on the story about Harris’ song “My Way” because she “hasn’t been on social media” in weeks. There was no liking of a tweet, and any claim otherwise is “false,” reiterated the spokesperson. Basically, every single one of those HollywoodLife stories, filled with quotes from unnamed and untraceable “sources,” is a flagrant lie. And two, HollywoodLife was already caught making up dating stories about Drake and Swift, who we’ve been assured are “just friends.” So if you want to read fiction, you can visit a great bookstore or a bad site like HollywoodLife. If you want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, you’ve got Gossip Cop.

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