Kim Kardashian “Forbidding” Kanye West From Going On Tour?

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Kim Kardashian Forbidding Kanye West Tour

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Forbidding Kanye West Tour

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Kim Kardashian has NOT “forbidden” Kanye West from going on tour, despite a report from a webloid that has been repeatedly caught telling lies about the couple. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this latest untrue story.

According to the disreputable RadarOnline, Kardashian “does not want” West “keeping up with his fans,” and has “forbidden him from going on tour this year.” A so-called “family insider” (cough) is quoted as saying, “Kim wants Kanye to stay home or travel only with her because she is sick of him not being around.”

“Though touring pays very well, she would rather Kanye be with her than making big bucks on the road,” claims the supposed source. The widely-discredited site goes on to write that Kardashian is “also terrified that Kanye could cheat in a long-distance marriage, a fear prompted by scorned sister Khloe.” Adds the alleged tipster, “Khloe says passive aggressive things to Kim like, ‘Well, I wouldn’t want him doing that, but that’s on you.’ She makes her feel even more insecure.”

And because RadarOnline has spent months insisting Kardashian and West are on the brink of divorce, the outlet says it’s an “unusual turn” that they recently went to Iceland, Cuba, and Italy. Of course, there’s not actually anything “unusual” about it. The couple remains happily married, so taking vacations together is hardly a surprise.

But because West doesn’t have many concert dates lined up right now, the webloid has once again found an angle to twist the situation to make it seem like something else. But the notion that Kardashian is stopping West from touring is simply not true. A rep for the reality star exclusively tells Gossip Cop the story is “false.”

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Kim Kardashian has forbidden Kanye West to go on tour.


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