Kim Kardashian Slammed For Saying Flu Is “Amazing Diet” To Lose Weight

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Kim Kardashian Flu Diet

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Flu Diet

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Kim Kardashian is getting slammed for saying on Twitter the flu is an “amazing diet.” See the critical reactions tweets below.

Early Wednesday, the reality star tweeted, “The flu can be an amazing diet. So happy it came in time for the Met lol #6lbsdown.” It was actually revealed last week that Kardashian was under the weather, but she hadn’t really spoken about her ailment until now. The Met Gala, one of the year’s biggest events for celebrity fashion, is a week and a half away, set to take place this year on May 1.

And apparently, at least according to Kardashian, being sick right now is a good way to slim down for the ball. But many Twitter users are not seeing it that way. A user named @steelyDaniels replied, “People also die from the flu…but glad you feeling better.” And @kirakirst told the mom of two on Twitter, “Now imagine saying that to your daughter after she gets sick.”

“You’re aware of the amount of people that follow you/are inspired by you, right? lots of them being impressionable young people?” asked @Carmen_pov. And a person with the account name @aldomreyes wondered aloud, “Is she seriously advocating young girls to get the flu?” Additionally, @MiaSabine criticized, “You’re promoting weight loss in spite of health to thousands of impressionable people who take you very seriously.”

A Twitter user with the handle @Bishop64 sarcastically wrote, “yes those people who died of flu just looked fab in their coffins! #onpoint.” Meanwhile, @TatianaNassar suggested, “maybe don’t glamorize sickness for weight loss.” And @NickVRamos even told Kardashian, “The fact you’re joking about it confirms your intelligence level. Thousands die each yr from the flu bc of insufficient resources/strength.”

“Tell that to the families of the 50,000 people/ children that die every year from the flu,” @AudraFleischman similarly said. A user named @thotminah warned, “id watch what I say! people will start saying the flu is the next amazing way to lose weight.” And @HeraKitty hoped, “this is a ‘just kidding’ right?”

A number of fans did think Kardashian was just joking and that the others were overreacting. An individual with the account name @green_caffeine responded to the “KUWTK” star, “I’m in love with the fact that people don’t understand your humor. It’s shallow humor, but still… this is a joke people.” And @wingedwidow1 exclaimed, “For God sakes people relax, it was a joke, Kim, hope you feel better soon, sending you love and well wishes from Canada.”

Similarly, @JanaeRhea expressed, “Omg the stupid in some of these people is freaking ridiculous. Sarcasm people, sarcasm… gzzz get a life.” Still, joking or not, quite a few people actually applauded Kardashian’s flu diet and disturbingly said they wanted to do it, too. The negative responses come a week after the Kardashian sisters were slammed for wearing fur coats.

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